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Beat the Backlist 2018: March

Beat the Backlist 2018: March

February was a rather unproductive month for this challenge. While I did get a few reads done for the Backlist Challenge, I was piled high with ARCs that needed to be read first. February is such a short month, so I didn’t get as far […]

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Book Review: Chasing Odysseus by S.D. Gentill

Book Review: Chasing Odysseus by S.D. Gentill

A thrilling adventure of ancient myth, monsters, sorcerers, sirens, magic and warring gods … the fall of Troy and a desperate chase across the seas in a magical ship… Synopsis provided by Goodreads. Book: Chasing Odysseus Series: Hero Trilogy #1 Author: S.D. Gentill Publication Date: […]

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Beat the Backlist 2018: February

Beat the Backlist 2018: February

There goes January. Ugh, Story Sorcerers, we were so close!

Novel Knights defeated us by such a small margin. Even though we didn’t win this month’s competition, great work, everyone! 

I was able to read eight books for the Backlist challenge. It’s not near as much as I was hoping for, but I had a busy ARC month. So, I must also be realistic in my expectations.

I was able to contribute 51 points to this month’s challenge. I know that is minuscule to the amount some folks put forth. But, I’m glad I could offer some assistance.

I'm only human.

I should be saying, “Hey, I was able to accomplish a few things this past month!’ and be happy with that. So, that’s what I shall do. 

My Completed Backlist reads for January:

I know–I didn’t even get to read my main pledged read, War Horse by Michael Morpourgo. It’s next on my nightstand. I’ve nearly finished Finding Jane by Mary Jennifer Payne, and have a ways to go on Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth…

…Onto my planned reads for this month…

Since I’m already in a hole from January, why not plan some more reads I may not finish? Kidding. I shall finish these. Sometime.

This month, I’m pledging to read The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury, listed in my original Backlist post

Like last month, I’ll also pre-plan four more books to complete and get off my TBR! (I plan to read more than just these five books, but I like to keep my options open a bit throughout the month.) Dragons of Dark by Ava Richardson was the first approved galley I received on Netgalley almost a year ago. It’s time to get this DONE! In order to do so, I need to read the second book in the series, Dragons of Kings first. 

Another old ARC I’ve had sitting around for a while is The Fallen Kingdom by Elizabeth May. Yet again, I need to finish it’s predecessor The Vanishing Throne before I can get to it. Alas, I plan to finish two started, and unfinished series this month. 

Seeing how it's already a few days into February, let's hop to it (and slide into that first place slot!) What books are you planning on reading this month for the Backlist challenge? Let me know in the comments below!

2018 Reading Resolutions

2018 Reading Resolutions

  I may end up having more than just five reading goals for 2018. However, I think they will all fall into these five categories. #1 Catch up with all overdue ARCs If you read my State of the ARC December post, you may have noticed how […]

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Beat the Backlist 2018: January

Beat the Backlist 2018: January

  And we’re off! January 2018 is here! That means I need to get started with this reading challenge pronto! From my original Beat the Backlist post, I’m going to choose War Horse by Michael Morpourgo to be one of my reads. Published originally in 1982, this sweet […]

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Beat The Backlist 2018 Reading Challenge

Beat The Backlist 2018 Reading Challenge

How many of you have books that you bought years ago that have just been taking up space?

Okay, okay. More than a few.

The problem with these back-listed books, is that they keep sitting there! With too many ARCs to stay on top of, too many anticipated reads, and an already towering TBR, it can be almost intimidating to backtrack to 1991 and finally pick up Titas Groan, or whatever that book may be for you. 

However, these back-listed books don’t stop me from buying new books–which some of the time end up in the same dusty situation!

I think I have book guilt!

Lucky for me, and any other back-lister out there, NovelKnight has come up with a solution through the Beat the Backlist 2018 Reading Challenge!

What is the Beat the Backlist challenge, you say? I’m glad you asked, because I’m about to share what it’s all about!

2018 marks a fresh start–and start date to buckle down and knock off some of these old reads!

Starting at 12:00 AM on New Years Day 2018, this challenge will commence.

Take it as a New Years resolution–YOU pledge how many, and which books you are GOING to finally get around to! Whether it be made known to the world via blog post, a virtual bookshelf on Goodreads, a simple Twitter tweet, or an Instagram picture, just proclaim that you’ll be taking part in this great and wonderful reading challenge by using #BeattheBacklist or tagging @BeattheBacklist on Twitter!

And you want to know the best part? It’s open to everyone! Now how fun is that to enter an even with people from all over the globe? Talk about international reading!

Once you’ve shared your lovely list, go to the Beat the Backlist 2018 Reading Challenge post on NovelKnight’s blog to sign up to see which team you will be competing for! (You’ll find out the team after you’ve pledged to take part.)


My team: Story Sorcerers!

Now, to pick the reads I will be knocking out for this challenge...

I’m going to choose 12 books, one book to complete each month. Perhaps if I’m on top of things, I’ll be able to read more. 

Not in any particular order, I'll be reading:

There you have it! Like I said, I’m really hoping I’ll be able to add some more books to this challenge, and will update this list as the challenge commences if I do so. But for now, LET’S GET THESE READ!

If you are participating in this reading challenge, I wish you all the best of luck! Let’s encourage one another to stay on track!


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