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Personal Update & April Wrap-Up

Personal Update & April Wrap-Up

I wanted to give a bit of a personal update on what to expect in the next few months on this blog. I’ve mentioned here and there that I am expecting a baby (now in two weeks–which is crazy). Because of prepping for his arrival, […]

March Wrap-Up

March Wrap-Up

I’m a bit late to the game getting this post up. To be honest, I was trying to figure out how I want to go forward with monthly wrap-ups. I was doing separate posts for each reading challenge and…it was becoming redundant and tedious. So, […]

PopSugar Reading Challenge 2018: February Wrap-Up

PopSugar Reading Challenge 2018: February Wrap-Up

Yet again, Popsugar Challenge, you have been put on the BACK-BURNER.

I only conquered two reads again this past month. So, this post will be short, sweet, and to-the-point. I think I made the mistake at committing to too much from the beginning, without really thinking how many other reads I need to get read before some for this challenge. But…

The two prompts I was able to fulfill were:

Book Made Into A Movie I've Seen Already:

The Next Book In A Series I Started:

So, seeing how I’m slacking quite a bit, I’d like to try to read just one of these books for the month of March, seeing how April is a busy month for ARCs and I’m hoping to get majority of them read before April even starts. We shall see. I plan to knock down “A past Goodreads Choice Awards winner” which I chose as Artemis.

Out of the Forty Reading Prompts, I've Completed:


How is your Popsugar Reading Challenge going?
How many prompts were you able to complete in the month of February?
Hopefully more than me 😛

PopSugar Reading Challenge 2018: January Wrap-Up

PopSugar Reading Challenge 2018: January Wrap-Up

This past month I sort of neglected this challenge… While I did get to check a few of my pledged reads off the list, (it really was only a few) I had hoped to get at least four or five completed! I guess whatever I […]

PopSugar Reading Challenge 2018

PopSugar Reading Challenge 2018

It’s time for yet another reading challenge! Along with the #BeattheBacklist challenge, I’ve decided to take part in PopSugar’s 2018 Reading Challenge! This fun challenge has forty reading prompts for books ranging across all genres. It challenges the reader to step outside of their comfort […]

2018 Reading Resolutions

2018 Reading Resolutions

I may end up having more than just five reading goals for 2018. However, I think they will all fall into these five categories.

#1 Catch up with all overdue ARCs

If you read my State of the ARC December post, you may have noticed how atrocious my overdue stats were. It’s my goal to get caught up on all my overdue reads. I’d love for ARCs with only future release dates to be waiting for my attention, and not books from 2011! This may not be possible, but hey, let’s shoot for the stars anyways.

#2 Meet my Goodreads reading goal of completing 200 books!

Yeah. I may be crazy, but I think I can achieve this…

2017 I was able to read a little over 150 books. A few months were quite unproductive, so I think if I remain diligent in knocking books out, I should be able to do it.

Joining a few reading challenges and accountability groups will help me along with this as well. So, I’m actually feeling pretty positive about this one. It’s the reviewing stage that takes me the longest!

#3 Meet my #BeattheBacklist reading goals of AT LEAST twelve books!

I know this sounds like a low amount of pre-2018 books to read in a year. And trust me, I’m  going to read more than that. In my original post, I pledged twelve books, and I want to make sure that those books are the first priority. Many of my ARCs will apply towards this reading challenge, so I’m planning to have well over twelve reads.

#4 Complete AT LEAST forty books for the 2018 #PopSugarReadingChallenge

I have yet to post my Popsugar reading plan, but I’ll have that up soon. The Popsugar Reading Challenge is (obviously another reading challenge) that has the reader reading a wide variety of books. 

There are forty reading prompts in the original challenge, and fifty if you participate in the advanced challenge. So, there’s a quarter of my books for the year! 😛

If you are interested in checking out this reading challenge, head over to PopSugar’s site for more info!

Keep out an eye for my post for this challenge later in the week! Let me know in the comments if you are participating too!

#5 Obtain AT LEAST an 80% Feedback Ratio for Netgalley

I use Netgalley most for requesting ARCs. In doing so, I’ve accumulated quite the back load of approved ARCs that still need reading. Currently, I have a 54% feedback ratio, which just isn’t cutting it. I don’t know about you, but I feel guilty when I am behind on something! To alleviate some of my own reader’s guilt, as well as keeping my word as a reviewer, I want to get my ratio way up this year!

What are your reading resolutions for this year? Let me know in the comments below (and link your 2018 resolutions post if you have one) so we can help encourage one another throughout the year to reach them!


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