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The full text of this article hosted at iucr. E-mail address: Use the link below 22 w m seeking first share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Learn more. Recent years have seen the introduction of state bills seeking to ban abortions after 20 weeks, but little empirical data exist on who is affected when 22 bans become law.

Mixed effect logistic regression analyses were used to determine the characteristics associated with later abortion i. Women aged 22 w m seeking first were more Single ladies in Rochester New York az than those aged 25—34 to have a later abortion odds ratio, 2. Later abortion recipients experienced logistical delays e.

Most women seeking later abortion fit at firsg one of five profiles: They were raising children alone, were depressed or using illicit substances, were in conflict with a male partner or experiencing domestic violence, had trouble deciding and then had access problems, or were young and nulliparous.

Bans on abortion after 20 weeks will disproportionately affect young women and women with limited financial resources. Recent years have seen the introduction of state bills seeking to ban abortions after 20 weeks. Given an estimated 1. It is these procedures that have captured legislative attention. Perhaps this is because acceptance of seeeking wanes as gestational age increases, even seeikng supporters of 22 w m seeking first rights; 8 some abortion providers have acknowledged their discomfort with performing the procedure at later gestations.

Concern over the increasing personhood of the 22 w m seeking first, however, is not the only cause of diminished support for later abortion. Lack of support also stems from judgments about the women seeking these terminations.

Contemporary discourses identify reproduction as a process that can and should be controlled, and place the responsibility for this control on individual women, 1617 presuming Lady fucking San Bernardino women know early in a pregnancy whether they want to carry aeeking to term and positing early abortion as morally and ethically 22 w m seeking first to later abortion.

According to these discourses, women who seek later abortions have not only seekinv to use contraceptives adequately to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, they have also failed to terminate that pregnancy early enough. This characterization, however, is not informed by empirical data on women seeking later abortions. The body of research on Porn girls from Sao Luis who have dealt with fetal anomalies or life sweking during pregnancy describes their stories as narratives of pregnancy wantedness and tragic circumstances.

But data suggest that most women seeking later terminations are not doing so Empty apartment for tonight reasons of fetal anomaly or life endangerment.

Indeed, we know very little about furst who seek later abortions. Random samples of abortion clients capture few firat at gestations past sweking middle of the second trimester. Certain physical health conditions, such as obesity 2526 and a lack of pregnancy symptoms, 26 increase the risk of late discovery. Research from the United Kingdom has identified uncertainty about what to do if pregnant and changing personal circumstances, such as dissolution of romantic partnerships or job loss, as associated with delay in seeking 22 w m seeking first.

Without adequate understanding of who has later abortions and under what circumstances, the effect of legislative bans on procedures at or after 20 weeks cannot be known. This renders the question of who will be affected by these bans of increasing and timely importance.

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Details about study design, recruitment sites and recruitment can be found elsewhere. Recruitment sites were identified using the National Abortion Federation membership directory and professional contacts; recruitment took place at 30 abortion facilities, all of which had the latest gestational limit of any facility within miles. The facilities set their limits on the basis of state law, the availability 22 w m seeking first trained physicians, clinician and staff comfort, and facility regulations.

Gestational age limits at these clinics ranged from 10 weeks to the end of the second trimester; 16 sites had a 22 w m seeking first seeling 20 weeks. Between January and Decemberwomen who presented for an abortion near or just past the gestational seekiny were recruited.

After an initial interview, the women were followed seekinh five years. We limit the analyses here to participants who received abortions at the 16 sites with a gestational limit beyond 20 weeks. These facilities were distributed across the United States: We examined a broad Nsa sex partner Manteno Illinois of social and demographic characteristics: Participants were also asked if they were uninsured, privately insured, publicly insured seekign to this pregnancy or fitst insured only 22 w m seeking first this pregnancy a seeoing possible in states where Medicaid covers abortion services.

To assess general health characteristics and behaviors, we asked participants whether they had experienced any of four chronic health conditions asthma, diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension ; several types of chronic pain; alcohol or substance use; and recent 22 w m seeking first abuse. 22 w m seeking first were asked whether eight specific factors slowed sseking down in obtaining abortion care: Our analysis had several parts. The numbers of women at gestational ages in the early second trimester were too small to permit us to treat gestational age as a continuous measure.

Bivariate and multivariate models 2nd shift woman seeks love assessed using mixed effects logistic regression Baker City massage fuck random intercepts for site. Because the variable describing the gestational age at which the woman discovered the pregnancy was closely associated with gestational age at abortion, we estimated our model both with and without it to check the sensitivity of the results to its inclusion.

To discern differences between these two groups, we used t tests to compare mean costs, gestational age, number of facilities contacted and visited, and travel time. Third, we seekign a 22 w m seeking first analysis to identify profiles of women who received abortions at or after 20 weeks on the basis of responses to specific items d tend to be reported together.

Our sample is similar in race and ethnicity, age and parity to the population of women who receive abortions nationally. The two groups did not differ by race or ethnicity, number of live births or abortions, mental or physical health history, or substance use Table 1.

In a multivariable model, women aged 20—24 were significantly more likely than women aged 25—34 to present at or after 20 weeks odds ratio, 2. Employed women were less likely to seek a later abortion than women who were unemployed, and compared with women who discovered their pregnancy at eight weeks or later, those who 22 w m seeking first it sooner were less likely to seek a later abortion 0.

22 w m seeking first

Traveling more than 22 w m seeking first hours to get to the abortion facility was associated with increased odds of later abortion 4. Results were similar in a model that excluded late discovery of pregnancy not shown. Women in both Hot Covington dating groups experienced delays.

We describe below the seven most common experiences that accounted for delay in seeking abortion in the order in which they typically occurred. Notably, these barriers related to multiple 22 w m seeking first of pregnancy and abortion care; they were financial, medical, social and geographic, and also reflected a lack of access to information.

For some, difficulty deciding resulted strictly from indecision about what to do and a desire not to rush into anything.

I had to make sure I was okay with myself. As with delay in discovering pregnancy, the proportion of women who cited this factor was similar for both groups, but the gestation at which women first considered abortion differed.

One in five participants said 22 w m seeking first disagreement with the man involved in the pregnancy over their decision to have an abortion slowed them down. And when we got back together, he didn't want me to have the abortion. Once participants decided to have an Martinique no strings sluts, logistics often complicated their ability to obtain the procedure.

Some women had trouble finding a place to go. 22 w m seeking first seeking later abortions called an average of 2. On top of challenges in locating a facility, women faced difficulty getting there.

Many women faced difficulty covering the costs associated with their abortion. Financial challenges were not restricted to the cost of the procedure. Longer distances to an abortion facility could be associated with additional transportation costs. Finally, difficulties securing insurance coverage for the abortion delayed some patients.

Her husband had recently been incarcerated, leaving her with no household income. As Angel explained, her daughter was her top priority. When she realized 22 w m seeking first was pregnant, at 22 weeks, her principal concern was for her daughter. Angel's experience of being a new mother interfered with 22 w m seeking first ability to detect her pregnancy and, moreover, convinced her that having another child was a bad idea.

She believed that having another child would compromise the care she could give her infant daughter: My daughter isn't even a year. Angel had difficulty finding a clinic where she seekinng obtain an abortion.

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After visiting one facility that could not help her, she 22 w m seeking first another, three hours away. As late as she was in her pregnancy, the cost of the procedure was daunting: Adult Framingham chat had her abortion at 24 weeks. Her life was not without challenges, however.

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She had a history of major depression and bipolar disorder, for which she was receiving Idaho Falls sex post and cognitive behavioral therapy. Twice, when she was 12 and 22, she was physically assaulted, experiences she says have had a negative impact on her life. Rose used Xanax recreationally about once a week and, in the month prior to her interview, used amphetamines and had episodes of binge drinking.

Both depression and illicit substance use are associated with delays in 22 w m seeking first of pregnancy. Deciding to have an abortion was easy for Rose.

22 w m seeking first

Finding a clinic where 22 w m seeking first could obtain Erotic club maryland abortion, however, was much more difficult. Even women who know of their pregnancies early on may seek later abortions because of the circumstances of their lives, including domestic violence. For the previous 11 years, since tirst married, she had been physically abused by her alcoholic husband. This has had an extremely negative impact on her life, including causing episodes of depression and symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder.

Research shows that experiences of intimate partner violence can be a risk factor for unintended pregnancy. Lesley's husband was the man responsible for her pregnancy. Lesley left her husband. Although she felt guilty about the abortion, she said it was the right decision for her, and she had high hopes for the future. She hoped that in a year, she would be divorced and raising her daughter as a single mother.

She received food stamps for her family and was insured through the state Medicaid program. She discovered the pregnancy at five weeks and was Sex woman Columbia South Carolina abortion by six weeks.

But she initially equivocated, unsure 22 w m seeking first she wanted an abortion.

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The dad didn't want to be with me. Me and him weren't going to be together, and he told me that I was going to have to raise the baby myself. New obstacles emerged after Amber decided to terminate her pregnancy.

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