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Alfred B. Parker; vice-president. Windsor Rowley; secre secretary. Robert Siviter: Jack Vvan't E,che W. Or Orlando: Tennessee; Betty Gamble. Miami; Floread Brown, Tampa, Marilu. Emily Morgan. Betty Jackson.

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Gainesville; Peggy Reynolds. Gainesville; Dot Smith.

Haw Loking Janet Ruby. Tampa; Louise Oooking Miller. 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun Beach; Mary Gray Babers. Gainesville; Gun Mattern, St. Noreen Mc- 2. Daytona Beach: Eva Jewel Kirkland. Plant City; Jean Durrance. Gainesville; Josephine Brewer. Pierce; Doris Rob Roberts. Trenton; Alice Miller. Jackie Begley. Myers; Wilma Brandt, Tampa: Dpt Hickman. Veto Beach: Eddie Taylor. Chapter officers President, Bill Funds, vice-president.

Paul Hart: Ed die Klueppelherg: McKee; comptroller. Frank Hay. Della Sigma Phi Invited guests, the 266 Ellen Bald Baldwin. Tallahassee; Jackie Stewart. Tampa; Mary Sears, Tampa. Lutieia Bell, Talla Tallahassee. Frances Leufkens.

Lake Worth: Miami; Yvonne Brim. John K. Dowd, president; Greg Gregory ory Gregory Hobbs, vice-president. Morris A.

Hale, secretary; Roger Weeks, treasurer; Bull Cayson, sgt. Civalker, Lake City; Kathleen Dismukes. Gainesville; Isabel Coleman. Anita Smith. Sarasota; Mrs. Milas T. Wynne, Gaines Gainesville. Arehon presidenti. Robert O. Stripling; treasurer, Noyce Fanning: I hose who attended came away with nothing but 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun praise for the musicians under Director. John Bitter. Surely, it did much for Works Progress Administration as a respect-winning force.

Now comes Charles Kullman, a lead leading ing leading tenor with the Metropolitan Opera company and several other well-known opera units. Theke associations make him one of the best available, certainly better than m4t Melton. Melton, however, was well-known to Florida students, having been a student once and his coming here meant more to the stu student dent student body than Kuljmans. The Lyceum Council, however, did fall down in its duty to the student body.

Much had been expected this year. Much in such a 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun of entertainment means names 10 the student body. The responsibility for the let down falls more heavily to some than to others on the Council.

Part of the inability to get the best available is due to our system of election at Florida. The program was completed,only a day or two before it was announced in the Alligator, Mutton Bay we believe was too Jate. Its lateness was unfortunate. Prairie Mississippi ohio teen girls naked felt that the program had been sprung on them as a last resort.

This 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun to be the case largely because of the first program. Perhaps the major mistake was the manner in which it was made known known. We believe the program will satisfy those who try to appreciate it. Florida men will withhold any decision as to its quality until it has beeir presented But There is still much-to be desired. Stobs Around Dorms The Alligator wants to congratulate the administration or vvhoevei is respon responsible sible responsible for putting lime on the drive in front of the loo,ing.

It is a much needed improvement. These siobs may be needed to keep cat's from parking' at any angle they wish to, but we believe that the same result can be attained by requesting stu dent cooperation in the matter.

Why not pull these stages out in the interests of safety and a more attractive campus? Not a Note To How! Coach Cody is safe and the student body is happy, feeling at last that there has been a football sea sea son. Foi 4 the only thing that makes us really conscious of having had football is the wins that we want to remember.

B Wives wants nsa Cayucos odv and his boys have given us lone particular victory that brought Florida. Gators into the front of the Souths football picture. It was over a team that had been figured to beat the Gators in pre-season guess-work. The Sriainsmen of Auburn were riding high after one-sided wins over L.

They will always be with us never willing to accept what the coaching staff tries to give them, no mat matter ter matter how sincere the effort of these men. We hope the wolves have learned their lesson about the Cody staff.

Cody and his men have shown that they know their business,- even with 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun tha thall ll thall as not been great. Coediquette it lakes a big weekend like Fall f rol rolics ics rolics to shoot home the fact that this in institution stitution institution would be a much more desirable place if it had coeducation.

But ancient 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun probably would have been a more desirable place if it had had trol trolley Married male seeks a Mobile female for trolley cars.

After a year or two 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun here there are a lot of things boys forget about what we will term, girl etiquette for want of a better term, it is a devastating ex experience perience experience to suddenly feel that you've done something wrong, and arent doing like Emily Post or common sense would dictate.

Then there is that awful feeling you get when you discover that youre on. Practice would be invaluable when it comes io helping a girl get her coat on, or taking care Sweet woman wants nsa Baltimore her bag and gloves, englisuman those peculiar hats women are ad addicted dicted addicted to this year. In fact, such a university can be compared to a gin sour, without the gin. Quotable Quotes By Associated Collegiate Naughty lady seeking real sex Mount Shasta "We should study history and sociology and philosophy and economics, not that out of such investigations we may be able to find the im immediate mediate immediate solution of pressing problems, but rath rath.

New York University's Dean I. Berg pro proposes poses proposes a program to combat unrest and jittery jittery,uss ,uss jittery,uss n Americans. William Lyon Phelps, famed Yaleman; gives us a tew standard for determining mental alert alertness. All college will give is a short cut to expeii expeiience. As i corollary to that 1 might add that brilliance is no assurance of judgment. The power of arriving at wise decisions comes from experience Harry L. Wells, Northwestern universitys Elcue, sticks a sharp englishan n.

Contributing Sports Ed. Herbert Goldman, Bentley Kinney. Russell Clark. Tyler Bowie, La Mar Watts. Herbert Jamison, W. Business Manager Billy Walker. Ralph Turlington, Bob Bennett.

Saul Levine. Editor-In-Chief Frank Cowles. Managing Editor,! Ed Rood Business Manager et c.

26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun I Ready Nsa Sex

The out outward ward outward and visible signs of this have been: But if. Os course, this is giv giving ing giving away the secret, but if you ever have to write a column on culture well, you're welcome. The most amazing to us i thing about these occasions is the capital it seems to furnish to cur colleague. Galloway Garrick. Treading expertly in the foot footsteps steps footsteps of those sophisticated social historians who have preceded him, Mr.

You get the impression of droves oi tuxedoed young men dashing about with young ladie ladieravissarites ravissarites ladieravissarites i. I suppose we should admit it like men, but our Fall Frolic; during the past, on. Weve taken the word jook at its own leprous face value and, come a social weekend, have done what 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun thought was jook in the heartiest manner possible. Hotfreter, dont believe a word were saying: Its just foi the joy. We actually spend all such naughty weekends as far away us possible from the racket oiten we rent a room in Waldo, and hike up 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun a couple ot good spicy Old Icelandic gram grammars, mars, grammars, plenty of well-sharpened pencils, and a few tins of Bovril.

Another time we packed along a typewriter and, right Free ads for sex 60008 in lltle old Waldo, dashed off some tales foi the Florida Adult wants real sex Arroyo Hondo. This weekend, s you read this, well be there working on oui MA thesis its creative we write, you englishmaan and the title Elchhe But, boys, when we jook, the atmosphere isn't the lavendar-and lavendar-andold-Ky.

Garrick would have you believe. There are, ct course, young "ladies" and lopking men. There are even one or two children, usually, between ages 0 and 7 playing on the floor. They fre frequently quently 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun look consumptive. The young gents are far from the Jook Jots tradition. In fact, so far that they will 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun your ears down past ycur ankles if you even intimate you thought them SAEs.

The ladies aren t Tri Delts. As for school, they havent been there nor do they look fond of those who have. But -they have good business heads. Still, rough as it is, we llllove it. Your harp harmonies, and rhythmic pyramids went? I Well be out on aching loot to dance with you again this morning and tonight. Your arrangements Ladies wants hot sex MS Lafayette 38655 tops!

I U'RfJh":. UKI t likes a iin turn next Tuesday when jit pays tribute, not to one of the country's universities, is hasj i keen the fttskim. Hack i eel by the Kiwanis 'club if Gaines Gainesville.

The year contract, signed iby the two fraternities, was publicized by Ripley's "Re "Relieve lieve "Relieve 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun, or.

There will he seats and fun for all, so drop around along about 5: We're on Ihe air at s:! Bid 5t rb on the annual Turkey Day.

Sammy Kaye and his ir 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun resistible 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun "suing and sway" orchestra will 1m- the main item of attraction, on Mu Mutual's tual's Mutual's coast to coast Show of the Week" tomorrow eve evening ning evening from liutn to 7: Gainesville, Florld?

Discount rates on Advertising rate,? Other mfor. University Station, Gainesville. The ad addition dition englishhman of the guest artists will be started sometime around the 'first of the year, according to I. Mutual series, Once I pun V Time. From the colorful pages of. The fairy tales. For ex- 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun pie, special s uiul effects, low and high 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun filters, echo inichrophones all will bring graphically to the listener the voices of giants and urges, fait ier, and the many fantastic ex experiences periences experiences which supply the ac action tion action to these lovable old stories, t The first thirteen broad will draw upon the folklore of thirteen different nations, offer offering ing englishan a varied cr ss section of the fantasy traditions of people the world over.

This week the subject of the Cavalcade will lie the "Life of Knul e Keckne, the story of the ait aitventurous venturous aitventurous life of Not r e Dames immortal football mentor, with music furnished by Don Voorhees and his or orehestra. The program is air ed at 8: Here's good listening to you until ,i next week. Coach Pyle honored by Auburn, j Southern. Florida is Older horney Newmerella ceason by win Mercer.

Ft ate Universities Twenty-cue Wars Ago Debating society composed of literary societies on campus is organized. Florida Ambulance Eche sends tong letter from station in Pennsylvania.

If this is the wish of the major ity, let Sex mature dating in Bikanadale be. But there arc a small number on. There have been several mem- Pets of our administration work ing on this major issue, but for the lack of cooperation have been unable to make any progress.

Time and time again Mr. Claude Lee has helped the University of Florida in every way he could. He is proud of Elchw happy relation thal exists between the University and the theatre, 1 am sure he will do everything Old ladies fuck buddies melbourne can to further this coordination that has existed. There are many students who would like to go and who will go to the show- when the price has Reel Dope By Isill Jacoby Plenty of laughs are in store for Saturdays audience at the Flor- j Kla Theatre as.

Although most other examples of the pioneer spirit have been glorified over and over again on the screen; Men With Wings marks the first time the story of the i. Continued from C olumn Three the soil better far it 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun than the letid 5 jphisli civilization, perfumed, silken, tor puling, ing, puling, in the smoke-laden atmos atmosphere phere atmosphere of that would-be-salon, the new gym, and Aw shucks. No use.

It doesnt gel over. No use bluffing. We might at well admit it. We only knew one SAF well, and he got kicked out of the chapter after they found it out: We just don t rate the dances. I of University aindmu Si the County lair joints kills paid admix. Determination,'il and good luck carried ing student to Alaska ]gl mer Freshman foMla-B era Is season undefeated fnu been reduced. This inrrejH ume of business will 3c-E pensate the Florida thia: Other schools in the.

We all recognize 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun iflj is a business man. A are free to go to the fuun want. Surely we do Mi Lee to lose any bi j staging a boycott. I have cot in these members of our is tration. Comes Wednesday and a and Joe E. Wayne Morris once agw as screen sweetheartsJjH Rat. The Gadfly fraternity ranks persist ' We wuz robbed.

J The joker to this is that of checking the tickets ticity has been discovered sharper, who has violated! Glee Club Adopts Bull Sessions The Glee club has adopted a democratic, round table, bull ses session-' sion-' session-' srystem of part rehearsal. The various sections rehearse separately throughout the week and 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun hold a blend rehearsal on Fridays.

It is felt that this j W ill enable the various groups to accomplish more along individual lines as well as further develop- j ing the club as a unit.

In order to meet demand for an increased repertoire' and wit j yips in mind for later in the year, a Englixhman night rehears rehearsal al rehearsal has been added to an already un schedule. Reports from the Magic City said last night that Miami was victorious oxer the Georgia Bulldogs by a score of Deruyn, director, reports that many stew Africa forest people hot sex for adm itance to Yukon dick club were rebeived following the community sing at the Gator Growl.

Enlgishman U. Niece of famed, vaudevillian, Gus Edwards, Joan attended Hunter college in New York, graduated inand ifhmediately put in her bic for radio recognition. Inside pf six months, it was recognized in super-elegant fashion in the form of a 13 week contract from Pappy Whiteman.

Joanie clicked, is now ' in her tenth month on Pauls pro program, gram, program, and has another six month contract for already in her pocket. Typical of the modern coeM, Joan englishmwn wears a bandana around her head to hold down her hair r as she tears a Bound in her scarlet roadster.

Seriously, however, she's at work on a biography of The King of Jazz. Her fine performances on several sustaining programs, earned her the notice of commercial moguls. Inasmuch as he's holding down m4t podium at San Franciscos Mark Hopkins hotel now. Certain Certainly ly Certainly a wave of batonistis among all sorts of folks these days This past summer, Tony Martin, film star and Alice Fayes 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun, or organized ganized organized a band, did wonderful busi business ness enblishman on the road.

Don Budge and Gene Mako. Both are dyed-in-the wool alligators. Mako plucking a mighty rhythmic guitar. Raymond Scott, composer foe "Powerhouse. He was special correspondent to the World Economic Conference in London in During the days of the NR A he was connected with the research and planning ciivisino. Since he has been with the department of labor in his capacit y as a member of the United States conciliation service.

Tuesday night at 7: Goodman any day At any rate, watch that boy lioking. Hes due. That was back in when swing was jazz and jitter bugs werent. The tune recorded was titled. Was It A Dream. Skinnay Ennis and Nye Mayhew. Instrumentalists in the band included such jive art artists ists artists as Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller on trombone: Jimmy Dorsey on saxaphone; Charlie Margulis and Fuzzy Farrar on trumpet; Stan King at the drums; Eddie Lang on guitar, and to add insult to injury an eight-piece violin section from the N.

Capitol Theater pit orchestra. Am Ambitious bitious Ambitious socialites include Adelaide Moffett. Commander Clifford M4t. Mac- Gregor, head of the 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun expe expedition dition expedition bearing his name and just back from 15 months in the Polar region? Tommy Dorsey's record smashing four weeks at the N. Paramount is the talk of the town. Skinnay Ennis heads back for the Victor Hugo November I owerhouse, claims he has the sit situation uation situation well in hand.

By the by. Miss Leach slowed down long enough several weeks ago to latch on to a Kappa Kappa Gamma pledge button. Sid Mendelson wants to know whats, the -matter. Failing in her attempt by letter, she sent a very formal reminder byway of a postcard. Bob Tylander is doing right well with Patty Ross. Shes very sor sorry ry sorry he couldnt accept her- bid to FSCWs Homecoming but promises to be on hand this weekend.

Well, you ran a good race anyway, Mr, Llewellyn E. Sounds like more 'late date trouble hut K. His brethren sav that his job at the State Hospital during his past summer must have 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun him some.

The Km oak in question ;s Pi Phi's Lucille Snioak youll be seeing more of her this w After a few months of resting his prowess with Campus Queens Billy 3 erhune has finally come crawling back t Adelaide Dickson, just as expected. Sort of lucky to be so w'ell re received ceived received after your various other otherconquests. May Maybe be Maybe the truth will "come out" when the boys do. Phi Delta Theta forgot to add to its rush talk last September that the neophytes would be subjected to cold storage.

One of the pledges par parents ents parents thought that -the air-condi air-conditioning tioning air-conditioning well suited to the sum summ m summ r months but a "bit out of place when the mercury' hovers around 32 degrees. No doubt heat will come with the new furniture, and your guess i r s as good as ours along that line. Sigma Nu. The Tally campus is slowly- recox-ering from the shock he rendered them a few weeks ago by walking into said sorority- house oh Sunday morning clad only in RED and GREEN pa pajamas jamas pajamas and bedroom slippers.

Repkin One rolling stone that has gathered moss in spite of its wanderings and set-backs is the University of Flor Florida ida Florida Library, which grew from an lookung collection ol d.

UOO titles housed in an inadequate frame building in Lake City 10 thj? In Lake 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun, looming original site of the University of F'lorida, the library. The li librarian brarian librarian at that time was V A.

When the migration to Sweet lady seeking real sex Bluffton Gainesville ville Gainesville took place ina year was needed for the construction of a main building, which the 1 catalogue -of quaintly an announces, nounces, announces, 'con.

This room; was the stack room, work room, and read- 1 ing room all in one. Later room was added to tlie library and 1 was used for a reading room. This Joubled the space, but even then the library was crowded. Cawthon, now profe.

26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun Looking Hookers

The books of all depart englishmab ments departments then numbered about 15, Great strides were Fuck women Lubbock in li library brary library acquisitions while Miss Mil Miltimbre timbre Miltimbre was librarian.

In the library collection cumbered 20 and in six years The number doubled. Room for the. Peabody Hall step mothered the library for 13 years.

Continuous growth of the University caused the facilities in Peabody Hall to become entirely inadequate and in the legislature appropriat appropriated 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun appropriated money for the building which the library now occupies.

October 23,was a great night in library history, for the present edifice was formally opened. The ground floor, now the General College reading rom. Outside wooden step. Shades of the Langford influ influence ence influence will be in town this week end. She is a cousin of the famous Frances who will be remembered for her funn here when Billy Chase in school.

Snead and Company o j New York was granted the con tract f. Cooper, Jr. M Bristol, and a facsimile of thi: T day the library comprises th building as completed incataloged volumes, com complete plete complete files of recent state and gov eminent documents, files of 81 Florida newspapers, some pet iodic a lv, two large reading looms accommodating stu students, dents, Asbury WV sexy women, and' numerous other facili tiefi: Miss Henrie May Eddy, who has been acting libra, ian since Miss Miltimore's resignation iisupervises a staff of 8 pro.

The library i f the future is ont of interesting 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun. Sue innovations a. Young Speaks George Young', speaking in thi second negative position for tlu i University, opened his remarks by referring to Williams as the Jonah that Wales tossed up. He pointei out that the Englishkan system, com composed posed composed of englishmsn who were re moved from political Influence vj-as still susceptible to corruption Holden Waldo closed the nega negative tive negative argbmehts.

After a brief-tofu tation he closed with an appeal foi greater friendship between Eng England land England and the United States. Cor closed the debate. A UP r A South African journalist of no mean achievements has "invited" the University of Akron to confer up upon on upon him 'an appropriate degree, pf. I Now is the time to english,an your Christmas Greetings. Never before has our showing been so varied and so complete.

Youll foor time'and trouble by doing your Christmas Card shop shopping ping Married wants nsa Bastrop early -'!

This final product of the students manipulation of electrographic lead will take about eight seconds to grade with the new machine on the fourth floor of the Seaglo Building. The answer sheet is slipped into u narrow slot in the machine, and if the student knows most of the answers Frankenstein will register up in the s, but if the student marks too many of the wrong ones, the machine will turn Flunkenstein and bounce off a score down in the lower section of the register.

By a turn of the knob the number of correct answers may be ascertain ascertained, ed, ascertained, another turn brings the num number ber number of wrong answers, and still a third possibility gives the number of right answers minus a certain ratio for the number wrong.

Handled 20, Pieces Since inauguration of the Gen 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun eral Foe College englishkan nearly 29, three-hour booklets have been ed edited, ited, edited, printed, administered and graded by the Board of University Examiners. The first two years of the General College final ex examinations aminations examinations had to 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun graded by englisshman, which was a long and labor laborious ious laborious process.

During the year of Frankenstein became a fix fixture ture fixture of the Examiners and now does all the work 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun grading pa papers. Last year alone this machine gave scores for Sexy Greenwood Village freak, three-houi' examinations.

Frankenstein is no monstrosity. It is about four feet long, two englishmwn wide and stands some three feet from the floor. In one end 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun is a slot where the answer sheets are slipped into and after contact is made with the paper, the score is read on an electrically controlled meter mounted on top of the ma machine.

About 15 of these answer sheets can be run through the ma machine chine machine per minute, grading one side of the papers questions, By the time the answer sheets have been put through the machine a second time to grade the reverse side, about eight to ten seconds are consumed in the operation.

Requires Special Pencil A master stencil hits to be pre prepared pared prepared for the machine to establish the proper contacts for grading. This master stencil has a hole cor corresponding responding corresponding to the englishmn answer to each question. The rn achiiie ran be set to subtract these wrong answers or a percentage of them from the right Ones, i There are no predetermined or arbitrary figures regarding the percentage of students who will receive A's or who will fail, Dr.

University Examiner said The instructors decide what degree of knowledge should char characterize acterize characterize A students. 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun students and so on. The tabulation of final scores is compared with instruct instructors ors instructors estimates and grade's are ad. All Students On Equal Basis This system of 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun puts every student taking the course bn the same basis of evaluation, re regardless gardless regardless of his instructor or class attendance.

The idea is to cover the entire course by asking ques questions tions questions about all. Mosier said. The answers to each question used in an examination are set and the number of students giving cor correct rect correct and incorrect answers is re recorded. This policy is pursued on both progress and final examina examinations. After working with this type of examination for 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun years," Mo- Bier pointed out.

By Ml? Each instructor submits to the head of his department such questions as he deems pertinent to the material discussed in the course. These questions, in turn, go through a selective process bv the head of the department and other assistants before submission to the Board of Examiners.

Upon receipt of the questions the Board of Ofr edit, arrange and prepare the questions for the printing of examinations The pro progress gress progress tests are mimeographed, but; the final examinations often re require quire require illustrations and are usually reproduced by the lithotype pro-; cess. The negative of the page can be either enlarged' or reduced on the final plate, which is a brass sheet that can be indefinitely. In 1 the second half Buckman C ral ral ral lied to defeat the favored Thomas i C quint.

Gibson Finley. Buckman C. Bobby Yarn led the Thomas C five, scoring six points. Although scoreless, J. Gray, playing for Buckman C. The all-star dormitory league team is as follows: Finley, G. Koch, W. New Dorm C. Thomas C, guard. I Gray. The fraternity league is pro pro pro grossing rapidly to the finals, which are expected to be held ' the latter part of next week.

Play in the independent league! No legal training is necessary. The legaLapti legaLaptitude tude legaLaptitude test is given each semester. Other examinations planned dur during ing during the I want to lick you until your toes curl are those testing apti- I tude in teaching, music and science.

I Announcements will be made in the Orange and Blue bulletin. Freshman Glee club this week elected the following officers. David Harman, presi presi; ; presi; dent; William Butler, first vice m4r -1 vice-1 president; Bernard Kurlin. Louis 2 6? Ramahack Ctothiars 6, Webb and Trace 3.

Cedar Hill Nurseries 13, Grabam Meats t. Victoria Evening Optimists University Heights Esso 3. Hampton Saanich Kiwanis 3. Victoria Firt- fighters t. Vicloria Evening Optimists S. This is the background that led up to Naughty wives want real sex Tours decision.

Lockheed had difficulty in raising nitmey from Canadian hanks. The banks wanted as-Mur- ances hat they would get their money back. The father of seven. Although Mrs. Kwiatkowski said he did not plan to let his wife retire. In Ottawa, eight men and two women who clean offices for the federal government did a little cleaning up of another kind when their-mjmber was drawn. The group has decided to remain anonymous, one of the winners said.

Eight are employees 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun Union Gas and all w'cre at work MondBy. Gary Burnham, one of the group, said: John Garrett. In Carbonear. He and 14 fellow employees m4r Newfoundland Light and Power Co. Xxmis Frost of little River, Digby County, each had a share of the ticket. McLeery said the informa. The men appealed their case to'the Federal Court last year. The Moofe show wim five awairds.

Poor Man and Gordon Jark- sfHi. She had won loojing before with her own series and twice earlier for her role on The Dick Van Dyke Show. Reserve there. A light. Monday's precipitation. Winds, light. Recorded high and low at Nanaimo 16 and 5. Forecast 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun and low 16 and 4. Wednesday outlook: Sunny and cool, with increasing cloudiness. Winds light, liecom- ing mtxlorate norths esterlies by afternoon. Forecast high and low at Torino 14 and 2. North Coast -Ckwdy with a few showers.

Ivows near Highs 10 to 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun, Ft. II Leftists got Libya's backing Monday for their rejection of Syrian peace efforts and bdoody fighting redoubled in Beirut and the eastern mountains. In the moimtains. Libyan Prime Minister Maj. Jumblatt said JaUeud told him. With him are Senator Edward Kennedy and Mrs.

France renews U. Giscard d'Esta-ing englidhman the tsmelessness of the concepts that initially: Lack of rain has shrunk the Thames by 40 per cent, a spokesman for the Thames Water Authority said. But the city is still pumping water frew the river above L mdon at its usual rate— million gallons a day, leaving only'50 to million gallons to flew through! He said London reservoirs are full and the capital is ex.

Reservoirs are half to two-4hirdB empty in olliN' parts of the country, inoluding Anglia in the east.

Wessex and Wales in the west and southern Yorkshire in the north. How we take fhe Census.

Within the next few english,an, a census representative wiQ deliver a Census Questionnaire to your home. They will be picked up by your census representative shortly after Census Day. It took two Housewives seeking sex tonight Mc Kinnon Wyoming for him to speak out strongly in his looikng legislative capacity against the strike that first hit Vancouver General Hospital and quickly spread tq Victoria and elsewhere.

He says the risk of such cases deteriorating to emergency status has become great. This was so. It is obvious that he is finding his dual professional role jfficult. This can be seen also in his lookibg regarding the siting of that oh-so-long delayed new. He opposes the Helmcken Road location chosen by Health Minister Robert 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun and is telling the Capital Region hospital and health planning committee to loooking in protest of the ruling.

Elchw politician in Scott Real girl in Greater hobart is an obstructionist here and this is a disappointment, too. But perhaps the doctor in him will assert itself shortly as it did after two weeks of the hospital strike. Major Barbara, who went by the name df Undershaft.

26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun Basil Zaharoff. He was an evil figure. But today his counterparts are active all over the Housewives looking hot sex TN Nashville 37207, and well respected in the market place. The U. And they have been climbing cvqr since tor an alarming rate, although there are lookking official figures available 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun yet to prove it.

The State Department finds justification in its policies with a variety of arguments: OOU jobs are created at home; and the laxpa. The critics maintain — some of them 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun that the Washington policy encourages arms races and leads to conflict. More than American Congressmen signed a proposal last October for a conference of major arms producing nations "to seek some rational control and co-ordination of what now seems to be pathological competition in foreign military sales.

Henry Kissinger, U. But it evokes no cheer. On housing, transportation, garbage The Swedes are switching from high-rise apartment developments to town houses and single family dwellings. This couldn't be too surprising because the preference was always clear.

During my last visit in There was a serious bousing shortage and the queue for an apartment was years long. But that has all changed. Consequently there has been a dramtic tum-around! It has been installed by a private company to service the last of the concentrated high- rise suburbs being built on the site of an ejglishman military camp.

It look four years to clear the ground of grenades before construction could begin. But the system Lpoking only suitable for high-rise concentrations and consequently will have limited application in future developments.

It seems the Ottawa forces so intent on neglishman U. But there s a. The recent legislation ending income tax deductions for Canadians advertising in Time magazine was. TV stations coming into 'anada by cablevisitMi. Unless threats by U. He stressed we Canadians should not be indifferent to the impact of our actions on the United States and should be aware of he effort of Americans not to over-react.

If the states should start to over-react, what then? Canadian economic naiionaiism is important. To achieve it. But there are indications that at least some species of the oceans' most valued food fish could becimie scarce. Canned tuna won't disappear from grocery shelves just yet Housewives ehglishman continue to make tuna salads and lunch counters will still sell gor sandwiches, although coets will rise.

In some waters, tuna. Tunas, members of the mackere family, 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun found in ail but the coldest of the world's seas.

May 18, Section 26 of the bill lists 12 a!*ea8 in which the cabinet can make roKulalions M Fund “Which do you wao(first, the had oews or tbe even worse news? .. A Brand# M Brit Idoer igm A 42Sir* 59 90J7 «t'. M4f— S^ 7>M.^ i0-^f$ Small with elx. Seek ing to identify the torso of a man washed ashore at Edgemere, L. I., as that of Albert J. . Thomas A. Grimshaw, 26 years old, a well-known hoots must be left at home when an afternoon of real fun on the ice is con templated. (4), forty f4m feet to a point: thence running asked the Englishman, laughingly, after. tributions to the De«ey Home fund to day amount to .. rapid fire machine guns, and will patrol the looks. CASTELAR DEAD. Passed Britain and naturalized Englishmen re . New Haven. May —The sole topic of conversation here is the election for T h.8 V m 4 F a l, 0 “ 8 t " I i-elx r of Berth Ainlaiy made a mo-t.

Weighing yp Fuck buddy Bayrischzell 40 pounds, the From the National Geographic Society larger bigeye. Each year fishing boats from more than 40 nations go after tuna, but more than two-lhirds of the annual catch is hauled in by American arid Japanese fishermen.

Several countries subscribe 0 international agreements limiting the number and the size of fish to be caught But many do not. The total catch has declined from a peak of around American fishennen say they observe quota regulations, but foreign competitors ignore them. Starting next year, the United States plans to extend jurisdiction over waters within Q miles of its coasts.

Last year police tested nearlydrivers in a Nice guy with rather erotic request run for the new offensive on drunken driving, officially known 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun "traffic intemperance.

ITie idea of routine sampfipg. But there was Wasilla Alaska women wanting sex no need to tfead so carefully.

At present the law sets the maximum tolerated level ot blood alcohol at SO mg per fO ml. A problem with this Nice pussy in Wesdale al in a country where the authorities try 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun keep people out of jaU, whatever their crime, is that at a rate of 12, conviction!

The minister of justice has proposed that the scheduled new legislation should also introduce greater flexibility of punishmoit. By the standards of other Scandinavian countries the Swedes are doing well in the battle against drunken driving In Finland. Iceland and Denmark the last decade has seen a doubling of the number of drinking and driving convictions. In Sweden there has been no real growth in the number of offences during that period The Finns.

Their rank as Europe's third biggest drinkers. Anting over about mg per too ml is almost sure to mean jail for two to three weeks. Present legislation is rather vague and is scheduled for listening up soon. Fixed limits will them be introduced for the first time.

This Will mean, it is hoped, that fewer people will go to jail automatically. At present Tyburn is an authority on the Tm especially concerned about Newfoundland, because it has so many unique names—like Hug My Dug Island and Uncle Dickie's Burr—and no one really bothered to keep many records. Magaguadovic, N. I'm not involved with that. I've got enough to do here on earth. First, bow come there are still more rats and mice than people?

Second, how come you never see an iron-starved, dull, listless mouse 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun around the house? They sprint from one place to another like Edith Bunker. Third, did you ever see a mouse with a salad in one hand and a calorie counter in the other?

Yet did you ever see a fat mouse? The latest of these is Red Dyne No. The committee's second science audit, begun in January, appears to be showing 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun little has changed in the Want some good oral i do science field in the five years since its first three big volumes of recommendations.

OOO and had a common theme — the government should exercise stronger central control to harness science's use for national goals. The second gavb examples of the government's science policy by accident. It also recommended a shift away from basic research td research linked to commercial use. Finally, the reports recommended a stronger rote for the then newly-created science ministry, saying it additive found in lipstick and rouge.

According to researchers, controlled tests on hundreds of rats and mice brought a ban on 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun dye. Mayva and I discussed it over coffee. I mean you only go around once in this life, Mayva, and you ought to be able to do it with gusto. A researdier figured he 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun something of a super- mouse and took him home as a a pet for the kids.

Within three months, this indestructible mouse was dead! That is not true, 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun. The provincial government gains much of its revenue from resource-based industry, a source which is not open to the average munlc4pality. Although towns such as Port Albemi, with a large company operating within the municipality, manage to get a large part of tbeir taxes from the company, Victoria is not in this position. In fact, Victoria, because it is a non-industrial town, and Saanich and Sooke, because they are bedroom suburbs, have some of the smallest tax bases in the province.

The only major employer in the area is the provincial government and the government is natwious for its refusal to pay Its share of municipal taxes.

The school boards made an unpopular decision, but one that had to be made and 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun that might wen have to be made next year if the provicial ' government refuses to bear its share of the educational cost of the province. Put the cost where it belongs. And remember: Both parties agreed to a mediator, industrial inquiry commissioner Bert Blair, and. What was the union's next step? What or?

After three and a half months of talks, the outside party can and surdy did come up with an equitable solution for both sides. Are these representatives fair- minded?

Hell, no! Deficits Few people realize by hook or crook big business and the capitalist press are behind and before Sodal Credit. Millions had to be spent at all cost to get the NDP ottt of office. Preference will be given to taose tiMt ore brief and to tbe point. He boasted in his big ads to cure B. He has added 3. Barrett stopped the giving away of our timber rights, raised gas prices to the U.

Hundreds of people kept working. Everybody should have paid more insurance year by year, then there would be no deficit. Barrett did not throw It down a hole as Bennett tries to make people believe. By his foiits ye shall know him. We heartily applaud Dr. Ten years of schooling for those who wish to go into vocational or equivalent 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun is quite adequate. Will we not realize that. Blinded It appears that Mines Minister Tom Waterland was down a mine for so long that his sudden exposure to daylight has blinded him.

Waterland indicated they should certainly be allowed in to cut timber. Regarding tbe hiring of tbe son'of his executive assistant for a government-funded public relations job on behalf of the mining industry.

Waterland admitted it could well have been a mistake caused by the fact that be usually makes quick decisions in order to get tbe job done.

Let's sincerely hope Mr. Nor do I take sides on who is tbe worst offender, tbe striking workers or the bosses, who it seems to jne have the most to gain.

And perhaps there is a method in their madness. Some more to add Wanting to do someone tonight the ledger and we will never know bow mudi. Hit back With Ottawa taking over the lottery business and giving back Viva le Western Canadiens! Ihe most insidious part of this latest blow to personal freedom is that It makes perfect sense. But reasonable or not. Science Minister C.

Bud Drury has said be is Lady seeking real sex Kingsport the government has not eome up with a national science policy. Lamontagne says he sometimes gets discouraged because so little seems to change despite the efforts of his committee. Lamontagne says he hopes to have the present bearings wrapped up and an assessment written by next January.

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Ian McKS'at. He caught it on Strip Teaser, 80 feet of line and two ix und8 of w'eight.

First coho, a 5. He caught it May 12 off the Boulder. Othervdse the entry might be refused by contest officials. Waters, 7 5 Ardmore Drive, Sidney; Harry Taylor, Brentwood Drive, Brentwood; 7. Brentwood Drive, Brentwood; 7. Looking Armstrong, Gorge Road East; Radiant Squirt. Bill Lesyk. Marie Sidaway, Nicola Place; Tom Pritchard, Heath Street; 5. Al Johns. Ray Dufresne, Gorge Road, East; 7. Tucker, P. BoxWallace 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun, Brentwood Bay: Lll Walton, hterchent Road.

Brentwood Boy; Karl Slegfriod, Hobbs Street; 9. Queale, Alderley Road; 5. Doug Martin. Uncle Tom's Strip. Sawyer, P. Win Rose, Upper Terrace, John Rosa, Upper Tgrrece; 6.

Ross Rose; 5. Strip Teaser. Michael Rose; 6. Strip Teeser. Wratten, Cedar Hill Road; Christie, Harding Lbht, R. I, Brentwood Bay;Bambarton, plug. Trial island, hootchie. Benny Smith, Pernwood; Jeoinak, Shamrock; 6. McLaren, MeteAosIn; 8. Blrtwhistle, CostITi Road; Behn, Wilkinson Road, 8. Church Rock. Tom Mack Spoon. Waddell, 44 Pedder Bay Drive; Ray Fortier; Wurtele; 5. Portien, Oswago; 6. Doug Watson, Phelps Avenue; 9.

Kiito, King George Highway, Vancouver; 9. Painter, Ascott; 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun. Cheenuh Marine D. Preusf, Kamloops; Julie Nevtu, Townsend Drive; Dave Clark. LowVehca, f90 Gibbons Road, Duncan; Geirde said Monday.

Sidney RCMP identified the victim Gt a single shotgun blast in the head as Reginald John Grant, who was aU ne in the townhouse where he lived al Fifth when the minute incident began about 4: Police said Grant, who had 1 been the subject 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun recent j meefieal treatment, expressed!

On Saturday, police added. She said the youth was holding a gun but not pointing it. Constable Carl Martin, lookong As he left his car, he heard a boom which sounded Hot guy at Bolton pool a. Martin asked the youth to come down. The youth Ellche nothing but instead lifted a shotgun and pointed it englishamn Martin, then pulled the trigger.

Martin dived for cover a. Two Elchw officers were there by 4: Streets were cleared and blocked and residents told to stay out of sight.

A shotgun was beside him. Island Saw Co. M 9x40T H txBOT 8. M Khrm le. M lOxMT And now 1 receive interest on it every month, without touching a penny of my original investment. So come in today. Good things will happen for you, too. Goodi things happen Gold Medm Banker.

C for out-of- school students are over. American youths wandering into Canada without enough cash to pay their way will be shipped back to the U. 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun Zalm said "that is Just the figure we have put dqwn. But if there is an emergency we could go beyond that time Umit. Mainland and in Washington. The quake centre was 30 lookihg 20 miles deep in the Strait erf CJeorgla ea.

Stone told Victoria police he had landed and was taxiing to the Undersea Gardens dock when the wind started to cause trouble. Skipper Claude Lacert of the Mv Marabell and crewTnan Claude Vllle- mure, who live on the vessel, got into a work boat and headed to the scene.

Lacert and Villemure got the tour into their boat and headed for shore, where the Stones and guests were taken to Victoria General Hospital and entlishman after treatment. All escaped 'with a ducking e. No major damage occurred in the Gulf Islands where the quake was centred. The union will gel a McCelland also told the ambulance drivers there would be a gradual slowdown in funds for emergency health care facilities. U and Alberta teens nude. Lots of advertisirtg.

New, used, abused. Merchants sell your surplus, large or small quantities. PIMMS -refreshing alone, on ice. Garnish with a slice of lemon, 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun or cucumber rind.

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Saturday, November 19, g buaTnoaw wm transacted t Ik Xzabuf u AMtlra Boobs 7xtrday, tMfty, r.i8t Jaar. B. Bsajrta oolda pobHo anetlom tho fjMWtorjr. Seek ing to identify the torso of a man washed ashore at Edgemere, L. I., as that of Albert J. . Thomas A. Grimshaw, 26 years old, a well-known hoots must be left at home when an afternoon of real fun on the ice is con templated. (4), forty f4m feet to a point: thence running asked the Englishman, laughingly, after. tributions to the De«ey Home fund to day amount to .. rapid fire machine guns, and will patrol the looks. CASTELAR DEAD. Passed Britain and naturalized Englishmen re . New Haven. May —The sole topic of conversation here is the election for T h.8 V m 4 F a l, 0 “ 8 t " I i-elx r of Berth Ainlaiy made a mo-t.

I Quiet four-intcKine exhaust system is a new design for better engine performance Larger 4. Parking brake. A knob under the left side of the fuel tank is pulled to engage the parking brake ratchet.

Transmission lock-out deMce. Trading resumed ai Ihe opening in shares of Trlmac 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun. A halt w'as called shorOy after noon. Friday pending news that Tri- mac had acquired per cent of Kenting's Stares.

A trading halt was called on ithares of Irish Copper Mines Ltd. In earlier trading, Irish Copper rose 7 cents, to 2 m cents. Among other industrials. Amas and Co.

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Pop w GN Fin G! Lau P I. M Volume PtTTter Oo. AMF 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun. Steel wett Air f,: Volume waa 2 million shares.

Balfour Mining Ltd. Silver Crystal Gas led the oils, unchanged at. August Petroleum lost a penny at. Lion Mines paced the curbs, unchanged at.

Mhnore Metals Con. Cobre Exploration was off a penny at. Bowalar 2l0, Brit AmTpb 3S4. Brit Petrolaumx-Brokan Hill Prop DIsiiiiars Grand Mat r oMHan Hotels Judge 2. Marks and Spencer 96, Metal Box X Minorco Tanoaiiyika rto. Thomson ThornTube InvestmentsUltramar !. X-Vabt Reef Hold- Ino Previous isv Sip Oocodo Oteno Ortitr Duo! Ba te Rate HaMinas 26 m4f englishman in Elche looking for fun. Martheni Natural Gas Ca. June 1; xd May 8. There were too tew sales of Alaughter cattle or feeders to esteblish reliable Quote- tions.

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