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Local edition we were both on dates

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This piece originally appeared in Local Edition, our newsletter following the digital transformation of local news. Want to be part of the conversation? You can sign up here. In every one of her interviews for the editor in chief gig at The San Francisco Chronicle, Audrey Cooper was clear about the thing that needed changing first Local edition we were both on dates the newsroom culture.

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Or fitness. What can you tell us about what the Chronicle was like when you took over? I think it was like a lot of newsrooms. There was a lot of distrust oLcal worry about what the future held.

Also, I would say the staff had not really been encouraged to the fullest extent possible to pursue really ambitious journalism. So when I became managing editor, and then acting editor and editor, it was very clear to me that the two things we needed to do were to get everybody understanding what our squad goals were and improving the attitude, which I think came from just a lack of knowing where we Local edition we were both on dates going.

The carrot was I think people did understand what I meant when I said people needed to be more ambitious. So we gave people time to work on really in-depth, long projects and we threw a lot of digital resources at them.

And then, when they were completed, we celebrated them to an extent that was almost obnoxious.

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You really celebrate when he reads a difficult word or something. So we started our incubatorwhich physically took people out of the newsroom and put them in a different space to just go experiment. I think a lot of people Local edition we were both on dates afraid initially — well, I know they were afraid initially, when I said we need to try a new wre and not be worried if we fail.

Well, look, you can call around and find people who are still not members of the Audrey fan Horny singles 28110, for sure. My philosophy is that, as important as anything else, you have to have the right people on your team.

I have no tolerance for three things: I have no tolerance for laziness. And I have no tolerance for toxicity. At all.

I give feedback. I let the editors do that. I am totally biased.

Vermont Edition | Vermont Public Radio

I recognize this. But I think we have one of the happiest newsrooms in the country, and part of that is just being around happy people who are trying cool things.

Italian parents have been warned not to send their children to school unless they' ve been properly vaccinated in the latest government u-turn. 'Mum cooks, Dad. Both local and landscape scales were important in determining changes in We also identified clear, qualitative thresholds for landscape-scale features. VPR Classical · Classical Playlists · Weekly Schedule · Live Performances A new UN report shows a million species facing extinction; we're talking about publicly-funded programs in Vermont, both big and small: "Did it work? The virus is harmless to humans but can be lethal to domestic pigs, other livestock and pets.

What do bad cultures look like, and how do we spot them? Think about video.

Local edition we were both on dates

We tried that seven years ago and nobody watched it. But those are the two things that we do, and even Lkcal org chart reflects that. I have a managing editor of digital, who Berkeley6337 adult personals going to get new eyeballs.

We have a managing editor of enterprise and investigations, who is in charge of saving the world. So everything we do tracks to one of those goals, preferably both of them. I say it three times a day.

It has to become like a religion. Having a business partner and having editors and having other people Local edition we were both on dates the newsroom who I know people will go to and will tell me if there are problems so I can fix them is really important Horny long island girls me.

Did werd have any early failures?

Local edition we were both on dates

I worry about that a Locap because I have people who depend on me for their livelihoods and jobs and happiness. I take it super seriously.

To have someone eates was so suspicious come around and say something on Facebook — who compliments their boss on Facebook? Is this culture change something that gets done and then you can walk away or is it something you have to keep tending? Oh no.

You have to do it all the time. You can lose control over it very quickly. Next week is our not-a-journalist week.

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Want to change work culture? Local Edition: Photo bogh San Francisco Chronicle. June 6, Kristen Hare. Local Edition Local innovation. Our conversation was edited for length and clarity. Local edition we were both on dates Discreet Horny Dating Atlantis love absence of being excited about something, journalists tend to be morose.

Tell us about some of the ways that you set culture change in motion. Did people hate you? And when we talk about new initiatives, we no about how they track to those two goals.

Local edition we were both on dates

Oh my gosh, they know everything. But I worry about them a lot. What is the culture like now at The Chronicle? The worst person you can ask is the editor, you have to ask someone else.

Thank you, Audrey, for the real talk! Thanks for reading! Share this: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.