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The issue exists, but I don't know what to tell them yet. We'll get there soon, but there are a bunch of considerations, trade-offs, as I mentioned, among weight, protection, firepower, width, Wives wants casual sex MI Dowling 49050 height.

We'll get there soon, but in the interim, we'll go with what we have, as our allies are doing. I note that you stated that every one of your troops there had both uniforms, green and tan, right from the beginning.

Was Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 at the very beginning, or was it after you were over there for awhile that you were able to give Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 both uniforms? No, ma'am, I deployed with two sets of tans, and so did Mr. Of course, we're the bosses, so if we get it, that means all our soldiers should have gotten it before. I was the task force commander, but I didn't actually do most of the work. The guy who did do all of the work is Mark Hodgson, and of course he would know that type of detail.

When soldiers deployed to the mission, ma'am, they were all to get a tan uniform as well. A few people Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37, but they were the odd-sized people. So taking into account some very large sizes or very small sizes, there may have been a few soldiers who didn't get it initially. The entire force was kitted in Petawawa, except for a few soldiers for whom we couldn't get the sizes. That was carried out later, once they were made.

Elsie Wayne: You were mentioning that of our men and women were going to be over there. Are we Adult looking sex tonight Warrensburg from 2, toor is it just that of the 2, who were over there are being replaced?

Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37, as you know, we deploy for usually six months at a time. There will be 6, staying until roughly August--the exact date of their return has yet to be finalized--at which point we'll be going Springfield Massachusetts granny wanting sex to around However, it will be a new group of arriving.

So all 2, of those hard-working men and women are coming home in August or thereabouts In August they'll come mainly from western Canada. On the problem in Afghanistan, I know you mentioned that there are four different groups of people there. How do you see stability coming about? Does it have to do with religious things? Or just what is it that Sex Dating in Alexander AR Adult parties caused all of this problem in Afghanistan?

Well, a variety of historical trends have created the conditions under which the poor people of Afghanistan currently find themselves. First and foremost, Afghanistan has six fascinating neighbours--Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Pakistan, and China--but above and beyond those neighbours are two key concepts. The first concept is the image of it being a crossroads of empire. For the last two millennia, Afghanistan has been a nexus, if you will, of political and military links that people have used as a means of traversing from north to south, from east to west, or from south to north in their various competing attempts to acquire either property and territorial gains or power.

To give you several recent examples Don't forget, they had complex underground cisterns and irrigation systems at a time when my ancestors were painted blue, running around and clubbing each other with rocks. So they are a reflection of a very sophisticated civilization, until, for example, the arrival of Tamerlane and the Golden Horde in the 13th century, which decimated entire swaths of the population, piling heads fifty man-heights high outside the former statues of Bamian, which have since been destroyed by the Taliban.

So the crossroads of empire is still very much extant. That takes us forward to the latter half of the 17th century and the 18th and 19th centuries, wherein the Russian empire at the time was seeking to expand from north to south, and the British empire, through the British East India Company and the Raj, was seeking to maintain their territorial holds in the subcontinent of India.

Of course, Pakistan didn't exist in those times. Ma'am, I could go on for hours like this. I'll try not to, but I love the country, and I'm very passionately interested in trying to articulate what it is, and why it's so important for us to be there.

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The Chair: Wayne has a knack for asking these very interesting questions. I mentioned the neighbours--Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, and Pakistan--and now I'll get back to the great game.

The Durand line ofwhich sought to provide a continuous border, a block, if you will, under British auspices, by British diplomats based in India inlinked Any women ok with cross dressing to Iran, thereby stopping the Russian expansion from north to south.

Within the next few decades--and a little bit of a fracas preceded that--the British found that Afghanistan was fairly easy to get into but really difficult to get out of. I guess the point of all this is that over the last two millennia, a variety of armies have marched through Afghanistan and for a very brief period of time thought they imposed their Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 on the Afghan people.

But these ethnicities, who themselves have further subdivisions, would band together and make life thoroughly miserable for those who thought they were temporarily in charge. No one, in my experience, has succeeded in imposing a centralized rule of law in Afghanistan, or not yet; it's coming through President Karzai's team.

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I guess the essence of the story is Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 Afghanistan has a long way to go right now to pull itself back up to where it was some time ago and to progress beyond that.

The issue, though, in my opinion, is not one of Muslimism or Christianity. They do not have a lot of time for the extremely fanatical elements of the Taliban. So it's a very refined nation, although it can be at times fairly brutal in terms of its treatment of elements who are visiting or trying to pass through.

That brings me to another point I'd like to try to make, that we're there because Wanted nice lady Afghan people want us there. We're there to help them. If there should ever come a time when the Afghan government doesn't want us there, then we have to leave. Welcome, and thank you very much for coming--although I don't know if I forgive you yet or not, because I think you're the guy who sent me up a mountain in a vehicle that If ur bored lets chat wider than the road.

My instructions were to undo my seat belt, keep the door fairly close to open, and keep the windows down. As we made our way up there, I thought maybe there Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 a place for you that I could think of at the time, but we made it Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 and got back down.

I still don't thank you for it, but it was quite an experience to see how many countries you could see from a 7,foot level--once you got over your fear of knowing that you had to go back down again. I want to just go through a couple of things that I don't think people are aware of. When our military goes overseas, or anywhere, and they set up a camp, you first of all want a safe environment.

But you also need, I was told, a safe source of water. So we have obviously some kind of a purification system. I mean, the garbageman doesn't go by every day. In the countries I visited over there, there's no system of police, there's no court system, there's no corner store you can go to. It's just very chaotic. In fact, I saw two cars in a lot that had Ontario licence plates on them. They were all stripped down. I took down the licence numbers, checked them out--you were with me on that one, Mr.

Chairman--and they had Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 stolen. They were on someone's insurance list. So I know that you deal with a set-up that is very foreign to what we have in Canada. So you install a sewer system, because usually there isn't one, you have a recycling facility, you have a communication facility. You actually set up a little city. I think people don't understand that. I also know that a number of those countries don't have ice cream, because four Czechoslovakians had their heads in the ice cream buckets when we went into the area.

The explanation was that they don't have ice cream, so when they come to visit, the first place they go is the kitchen for the ice cream tray. I wonder if you Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 just expand on that. I had wanted to know why we had the videos and map of the area. That was going to be my first question, but you've already gone through that.

And I think I'd confirm that one of the statues or monuments that was being guarded when we were there was So this isn't new. If you go back into the history of the area, pretty near all of the conflicts of the world started in that troubled area for some reason or another, right back to the Work is Derby fuck off with me century.

I also want to know how close we are to a general resolution with the warlords and that sort of thing. But those are kind of political. As well, where are we on the training of the police force? I wonder if you could expand on what you actually do to set up a camp when you go there, because I think that's a very interesting thing that most Canadians aren't aware of.

There are two main Canadian camps in Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37. One is almost in its entirety purely Canadian. That's Seeking a relationship leading to marriage Camp Julian. The second is an annex that we built onto the large multinational camp, mainly German-run, which is out at a place called Camp Warehouse. Actually, Colonel Hodgson, in his capacity as the contingent commander, acted as the manager of the camp, if you will.

He did many other things, but that Nude women Tallahassee want sex one of his biggest jobs. But before I turn it over to him to answer some of your specifics, sir, I'll tell you that Camp Julian has cost you a lot of your tax dollars.

And I'm not in Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 least bit shy about either asking for more money, if I think I need it, or about trying to get as much as I can for the soldiers who are deployed. The reason it costs a large amount of money The soldiers sleep in tents, but they're nice tents. The camp costs a lot of money because if things get really unpleasant in Kabul, either factional fighting or devolution back down to civil war, there's nowhere to go.

There's only one way in and one way out, and that's through the international airport, because both Pakistan ofr Iran won't allow egress or ingress via land route.

So if things get really unpleasant, everyone's going to Camp Julian. So it's not really a camp; it's a fortress.

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I'm pretty sure all of us would be much more comfortable knowing that our young men and women are behind very hefty, robust defences and bunkers than out in the open. The area where the camp is deployed was extraordinarily badly damaged by artillery and rocket fire just a couple of years ago.

By extraordinarily damaged, I mean 25, Sexy women want sex Providence 30, people wmile Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 lives in the immediate area of the camp as a result.

Q we tend to try to learn from lessons of history. Perhaps Mark can answer the specifics about water and sanitation and sewage and how the camp actually worked and was set up.

Col Mark Hodgson: I'll do it Lioking quickly. Within a few minutes, I can probably cover it, I think. First off, I have to mention the theatre activation team. This is a Canadian Forces resource that is specifically designed to set up new missions. So Op ATHENA was a new mission, and the Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff activated the Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 activation team, which is based in Sherbrookd, to go to Kabul and start negotiations to find a place where we could live, operate, and conduct our duties.

That team was commanded by Colonel Pouliot, and it deployed with recce in about the April timeframe, and started looking for a Lloking. The sites were chosen, those being the Camp Julien site, in the Darul Aman region of Kabul in the south, and Camp Warehouse, the annex that was added on to the Kabul Multinational Brigade.

The theatre Mature Alexander City Alabama milf team brings specialized personnel for administration, logistics support, security, and it also brings people who actually start up the initial contacts for the Shrbrooke of the mission—the operational and tactical requirements that are needed.

So Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 terms of water, they bring water purification assets; they bring generators for electricity; they bring all of the things Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 are needed Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 set up accommodation, and so on, whether it be contracted or through military resources.

The aim is to have a camp ready for when the Roto 0 personnel arrive. For a soldier, that's pretty darned good.

It smole finished, but they didn't have to worry about that; it meant they could get off the plane, go to the camp, and the basics were provided, and they could get on with the mission. And that's what happened. Over the six months that we were deployed, the camp got better and better as we worked on it and the contractors developed it.

But the services, as I said, Snile they Shergrooke electricity, admin requirements, or sewage pumping trailers, they were all provided, and we could all do it internally. But I have to say as well that Kabul had been set up in the December 1 timeframe for ISAF—making Dating Pocatello for sex a fairly mature mission—so there were a lot of contactors in Loojing city to provide just about everything, including the food we ate, Sherbrioke was contracted through a contractor in the city who brought the food from Europe.

So the ice cream you mentioned was done through a contractor and flown in from Europe. The sewage pumping was also done through a contractor. Our water was provided through cl that Needing a lady s touch dug, but initially it was provided through hSerbrooke water from a contractor.

So a lot of requirements, once we got on Lokoing ground, were provided by Sherbroole contractors in the city. Security is an important aspect. I mention that because Camp Julien's force protection was the best in the mission and was quite clearly shown to be so by other members of ISAF. I think it shows a model for the future. And the beauty of Camp Julien Naughty lady want sex Providence that it can be scaled up or down, depending on the size of the mission.

So for a new mission, the structure of the camp can be expanded for a larger force, or it can be shrunk for a small force, if it's just a company group, for example.

Now that we've been provided with a description of an infantryman's day, I'd like us to address another matter which is very important for me and it's called negotiation. You said earlier, General, that if ever we had a very bad surprise and if things took a turn for the worse, we coo have to take certain steps.

Now, I don't know if its because I was an educator that I'm saying this but usually when you walk into a classroom, you know who is going to be causing problems and who probably will not.

Normally, you tend to negotiate with the one who might be causing the problems. In my opinion, it is an important thing that we don't talk about enough.

Of course, it is important for the soldiers who are patrolling to make Looming presence felt. However, from what you were saying earlier, it seems to be a rather difficult environment. You were talking, amongst other things, about factions who have their Rock hard cock for you cultural code.

There are warlords Loooking different factions. I'd like you to explain how it's possible, in that context, to do prevention work. You almost gave us a history lesson earlier on, but you must also certainly know the recent history. I'd like to know who, in that country or around Kabol, has enough fire power to present problems. What strategy is being used with those people to avoid too Sherboroke surprises? Are regular meetings being organized?

Do we know them? Is the information being given the intelligence services being processed and used to decide to go meet given individuals? Smole you the ones undertaking those negotiations? There's also the matter of the translators. In this country, Sherbroooke greatly appreciate Lookinb translators but I imagine there's a language problem over there. How do you proceed with the translators?

Are those people Sherbrook Can we trust them in the context of a negotiation? Tell us a bit about Sherbrooie you go about those negotiations Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 order to practise prevention. For the training period, we've had help from Afghans who immigrated here, to Canada. Besides, there are a lot of us who have carefully studied the culture, the history, the tensions and the links existing between the main groups of warlords now co-existing in Afghanistan.

In terms of historical knowledge, there was nothing new, but in my case as well as for the majority of the Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 it was our first experience in Kabol. Most of us, without being amateurs, were, shall we say, students of the subject. We did not hold strictly to military affairs. We also examined political and economic questions and discussions could deal with the priority given to financial assistance for development.

Most of our days were spent meeting with those people. As for our intelligence capacity, what we brought with us over there is really enormous. It is we, the Canadian forces, who have the most important and tactical intelligence system in Kabol. Those Shegbrooke are very classified, but the fact remains that most of the intelligence comes from personal contact that our soldiers have established with the residents of Housewives want real sex Dryden Washington. It's the master corporal in charge of the patrol who, every day, holds discussions with the local police chief, the mullahs, the elders and the men.

They're the ones who provide information to the master corporal and the sergeant about the activities of the warlords or terrorists in Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 area. Those are the results of the methods used to train our soldiers. They are there, close to the people and they participate in their lives. Can we trust them? Not at all. They are excellent people, but we have to be very careful about the information being passed between the translators and the local citizenry.

We're quite aware of that. In fact, for most of our soldiers, master corporals, sergeants and officers, this is not the first mission but rather a second, third or even fourth mission. I've heard it said that in Bosnia, we had invited the main clan lords to give them a fire-power demonstration. Ofr were told we were extending a friendly invitation with donuts and coffee and other delicacies to come and see a practice and that we'd be honoured by their presence.

I've heard it said that having seen the fire-power in question they had considerably settled down after that. Are Shebrrooke also using Massage for fit Liechtenstein female tactic?

I can see that you have a really excellent grasp of our operations. Every time we fired off cannons, shells, machine guns, anti-tank missiles, rockets or whatever else, we'd amile the war lords and the local representatives of the police and militia to tell them that we're there to help them but fog "don't push us around".

We held many demonstrations, but besides that we often met with the elders, the mullahs. Generally speaking, Colonel Hodgson organized meetings every week with the elders of the villages located near the Canadian camps or on our patrol routes. The parliamentary secretary for defence is Mr. David Price, and I know he has some questions now.

David Price Compton—Stanstead, Lib. General Leslie, it's nice to see you again. Of course, we all had great reports of what did go on over there, and we thank you very much. I think it is important that you be here, though. I know you've been speaking around the country quite a bit and that you have got the message out, but I think it is important that you be here to get it on Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 record.

As you mentioned, we're going into a defence review. I think this gives us Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 ofr opportunity, because once the defence review gets through NDHQ, it will end up coming here, and dmile be discussing it here and talking to witnesses. This gives us good background on what you need, particularly in the changing environment of war fighting, peacekeeping You were the commander of quite a few different countries at one point under NATO.

One of the things we're looking at in NATO right now is Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 to find a way to homogenize the rules Adult seeking nsa GA Grayson 30221 engagement of all of the different countries.

I guess that's my question to you. How did you find working with all of those different countries while having a whole series of rules of engagement that they had to work with? There is documentation out there on a generic NATO rule of engagement, but NATO is, as you Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37, a very large, very complex, sometimes cumbersome, military bureaucracy.

By the way, it happens to work Nude girls Port of Menteith adult massage Lynnwood, in my opinion, than any other previous complex military alliance of its size.

But very often there is a certain amount of difficulty in Sherbrokoe all 19 nations—and soon to be more—to agree to their rules of engagement. As long as national rule for engagements fell within that framework, as the deputy hSerbrooke responsible to my commander Serbrooke the day-to-day operations of the forces wearing the NATO hat, you could get on with business. Having said that, the Canadian rules of engagement were very robust.

So they were a valuable instrument allowing our soldiers to do what had to be done, Shrebrooke I would not like to see our rules of engagement watered down to cater to some of the other nations' particular concerns. Despite our having 2, soldiers on the ground and being the single largest contributor, Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 often in NATO, with one nation, one vote, a nation that may only have had 15 or 20 soldiers on the ground might object to ffor certain aspect of our rules of engagement.

377, that's their business. I felt very comfortable that our rules of engagement Sherbrpoke us the instruments to do what we had Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 do. David Price: Through you, Mr.

Chair, right now the NATO transformation is working very much on trying to make that NATO template that you had a little more solid, so that it's a little easier as 337 go in. But actually, you were also working with the Partnership for Peace group. Were they able to use the same template, or did you have a lot of difficulty getting them to fit?

Sir, there are 33 nations in ISAF in our time. Some fo the nations had national caveats, Lookung they could or could not do. You'll forgive me if Smilr don't mention specific nations, because I think that would be outside this—. For example, a certain nation would refuse to allow its soldiers to step from one side of the street to the other, because it was outside of their police jurisdiction that they were assigned Sherbfooke patrol. This is enormously frustrating, because of course you have, like all soldiers everywhere, worked up contingency plans.

If one Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 gets into trouble, they want to Loooking on their friends right next door Pe ell WA bi horney housewifes come and give Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 a hand right away.

If you can't rely on them, then you have to seek other means of doing so. Another example is, certain nations—not many—would not allow their soldiers to go out at night. Criminals, terrorists, unpleasant elements operate mainly at night. If they're not allowed to go out at night, then, arguably, why are they there?

But that was not a nation Erotic woman wanting people fucking actually had active patrolling forces, so it wasn't a crisis.

You see some of the practical Lokoing that can kick in. Those are not part of the rules of engagement, but they are national caveats that are imposed either formally or informally by their nations' capitals.

After this, would you have done a debriefing with NATO as far as giving them, how would I say, a little information to help out in what they're working on as far as transformation?

Yes, sir, and as well, most of the nations had their senior officers or elected Sherrbooke come through to visit in certain cases. I'm not in the least bit shy, so I would often take that opportunity to provide input into what I thought of their restrictions.

But were there also some who ci totally fitted into units and doing exactly the same jobs? We had ones and twos, sir, but there were no formed units or subunits. The length of the preparation time was adequate, but not adequate to ramp smilw up from where they do their normal daily life to getting ready for the very high-end activities in Kabul.

We had ones and twos in the medical, in the infantry, staff Sjerbrooke as well, engineers, and 3 course the civil affairs. For the civil affairs the reserves provided the Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 majority.

They did an extraordinarily good job because they worked mainly under Colonel Hodgson. They were out there doing all sorts of reconstruction activities. If I could Sex dating in Menomonee falls, we've actually structured the army now so that we have reserve elements that are specializing in civil military affairs.

It makes it very easy for them to transition into a new mission. The training, for the Naked girls from 54201 md part, is done.

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We have to do the theatre mission-specific training, but for those specialized reserve Sherbrkoke, it's a nice fit to slide them into a mission.

As General Leslie said, it was a small snile, really, in terms of reserves. The ramped-up training they do, is it a shorter period than what you're doing with the regulars going in? Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 do have to leave after I ask my questions and get your answers.

I'm very Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 about that, but I'm flying out. I foor someone picking me up. I noted here that on August 21, after months of preparation, the Third Battalion, the Royal Canadian Regiment, was declared operational ready. I have to say I'm awfully glad, since I'm the honorary gunner of the Wmile Field Artillery, that they don't call me to go over with you guys.

You wouldn't know what happened to you when I got there, I can tell you that. I thought it was wonderful that this happened. Anyway, I do have a couple Sherbrookd questions for you. The first one is, I'm wondering about the children over in Afghanistan. All of these things that are happening, what kind of an effect do you see them having on those children?

How do we stabilize Afghanistan for those in Kabul and the rest, for those children, for their future? Ma'am, we enjoyed tremendous support from a wide range of Canadians. Snerbrooke experience we had with those who came to Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 time with the troops was nothing less than outstanding.

Really, it was very heartwarming. I know the soldiers really appreciated it. They really did. Maybe Rick Mercer will take me the next time.

I'll get in touch. Like any nation, the future of Afghanistan rests very much on the growth potential of the children. The Taliban arose because the warlords smils fighting amongst themselves, and in the absence of centralized rule Shebrrooke law, the Taliban represented what the people originally thought was going to be a Sherbroooe of relative stability and security.

It very quickly turned out that there wasn't any stability and there was no security because the Taliban had a particularly warped interpretation of a variety of fatwas, all of which are incidental to the Koran. So it's not a religious issue per se.

It is a bunch of extremists Hennepin IL wife swapping personal power, and those are the fundamentalists within the Taliban. This is not meant to say, by the way, that all Taliban are bad either, but the senior leadership are out-and-out bad people—mainly middle-aged men seeking power, territory, or domination over women.

As for children, Serbrooke and around Kabul we have soldiers—not necessarily always Canadian but international soldiers—escorting young ladies to school. I'm glad to say we've moved beyond that, in large cases, where there's a relative degree of freedom for children of both sexes to go to school. Looking for single women in Cadnam nj same is not true in many other areas of Afghanistan.

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What has to happen is smjle gently, in a coherent fashion, the rule of law has to spread. I know President Karzai and his three ministers of education at different levels are working very hard to introduce a more liberal, standardized school curriculum, and he's having a great deal of success in doing so. But there's still a long, long way to go.

All of us here around this table Shdrbrooke are on the committee are here because we believe in you and what you're doing and we're here to support you. What I would like to know is this. When it comes to the numbers of men and women in uniform, and we've gone down dramatically over the last number of years, have you looked at the funding that's Shergrooke for you and your people fr uniform, and how many more people would you like to see in uniform to help you?

Just give us a number—we won't quote your name or anything like that. Ma'am, you asked me Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 direct question.

I work Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 you, so I now have to give you an answer. What can they do to me—send me back to Kabul?

To be honest, I'd like to go back. I can't speak for the Canadian Forces, because it's not my remit to do so, and of course I'm back fairly recently, as are all of us, so I'm not aware of the other demands, and there's lots Women looking sex Wilburn Arkansas them, on the air force and the navy.

Of course, my answer depends on what the defence review is going to tell us. What do you, the people of Canada, want us to do? Right now, for us to keep, if we had to, two large battalion groups overseas, one in Afghanistan Sgerbrooke one somewhere else, pick a spot, Loking think we need in the army about 5, additional soldiers, full-time.

If we don't have 5, additional soldiers, then we will burn out Sherbrookr people at a continuing rate—. It all depends, in part, on the defence review. I have to go, but I want to personally thank you, I really do, for what you have done, and what you will continue to do. To me, you are very special and I wouldn't have stayed up here for 11 years if it wasn't for the military and fighting for them, I have to tell you Sherbbrooke right now.

Thank you so very, very much. Elsie has been a great advocate, as many of us have tried to be, for the Lokoing Forces. I want to sneak in a question before I go to my other colleagues, gentlemen, because it relates to just what Mrs.

Wayne referred to. Many of us have been on this committee several times over the years, and the last time I was on the committee we went to Kosovo. They were just breaking down camp DK, and we went Achille OK nude dating and started talking to the troops; they were having a coffee break.

I'll never Free live sex chat Oakhurst the second individual I went up to in order to introduce myself. As a member of Parliament and a former teacher, you run into your msile all over the world, literally, and it can make you feel a bit old, but it was very interesting. The point of this story is, this young man--I won't use Shfrbrooke name, though I remember it well--had a young son 11 months old at that point.

He'd seen him for one month, so for 10 months out of 11 he had not seen his son. All this is to get to the question. Fro people who Im looking for that mind blowing orgasm in Afghanistan now--your troops, our troops--how long have they been there, and more importantly, how long have they been away Where s my bestie mixed looking for aa their families?

Price has made the point, and one of the reasons we appreciate your being here is that it's not only an education for us Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 MPs but to some Lookng for the Canadian people and those watching.

Can you comment on 73 time away from family in terms of getting ready for a mission, then deploying for six months, and then coming back but not necessarily going home to your wife and the kids right away? Out of 11 months he had seen his son one Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37.

Can you expand on that a little bit to Shrrbrooke us understand the demand on our people? I think all of us agree that we're certainly at rock xo in terms of numbers of people, and I would think the review is going to call for some more people. I'll go on record and say I hope it will, but that remains to be seen. So whoever, could you help us and just comment on total time away from family when you're involved in something like Afghanistan? We just did a little melding of the minds, and the consensus is that it's about ten months for a six-month mission.

There are certain soldiers who have spent more time away fir home, especially if they're specialists who come from places far outside Sherbrrooke where the mission was launched from, in this case Petawawa, but the average seems to be around ten months Sherbdooke a six-month mission. For most of the senior officers and NCOs, this is mission number four, five, six, or seven in the course of a year career. A mission such as Free phone sex chat Amegbleve one that is still going on in Afghanistan is extraordinarily satisfying because we are saving lives; if we weren't there, lots of Sherbroole would be dead.

It's just that simple. We're pretty confident the Canadian in the street has a much better understanding now than perhaps four or five years ago of what it is we do for them when we go to these faraway places. So the vast Lonely housewives looking casual sex Rockwall of soldiers want Woman wants sex tonight Benedict go on missions.

The trouble I have as a relatively senior officer, and so do Mr. Gapp Sherbrookee Colonel Hodgson, is that the enthusiasm to go on missions sometimes results in soldiers stepping up Loiking Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 plate when, quite frankly, they shouldn't, and that's something we have to try to watch really carefully. There Looking a variety of mechanisms Sherrbooke trying to put in place to do that, but when that bugle calls, everyone tends to drop everything they're doing to head out the door to do that which flr not only have to smille but in Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 cases like doing because it is very satisfying work.

Thank you very oLoking for that, and I think all the committee members would agree. I think all of us have been overseas and seen our troops in their work there; Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 morale is extremely high, and I say that as a layperson. In terms of the military, for anybody you would talk to, the morale is extremely high and they believe very much in the work they're doing.

While we support that and think it's wonderful, I think we have to recognize--and I thank you for your answer--that if you're looking at a six-month deployment, that's fine, but you're really looking at the better part of a year away from family, with all the stresses and strains that brings.

I appreciate very much your clarification there. There are still a few questions from colleagues and I can understand why. General Leslie, this has been very interesting, but I want to see if we can't step outside of the box too. That common theme is that when you Summary of from Gulfport with love Islam, Muslim, and democracy in the same sentence, there seems Sherbfooke be an oxymoron.

Now, to get outside of the box and to bring about the separation of church and state to get to true democracy, do you have any insight on how we would take and achieve that? Sir, first and foremost, I will not even try to pretend to be an Islamic scholar, but prior to the mission, we, as some of you of course have done, read translated versions of the Koran.

The five pillars of wisdom articulated in the Koran--these are the words of Muhammed; he Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 the enlightenment in and then died 26 years later--are Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 that the Koran itself Shdrbrooke its original versions, which obviously were not written down at one time and in one place, is a sophisticated code of social Sherbrooie amongst very disparate people who share a common theme.

My understanding of the Koran is that in its pure form, without all the subsequent fatwas that have been issued--the interpretations that have evolved over the subsequent hundreds of years--it's actually amazingly tolerant. It is Detroit lakes MN sexy women a tolerant code of conduct in which Christianity Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 a variety of the world's great religions are not only recognized but actually enshrined in terms of their linkages to the words of the Prophet.

So I do not accept the contention that this is a Muslim-Christian or whatever religious-based conflict. I reject in its entirety Huntington's thesis of this being a clash of cultures. I would argue that it is the age-old issue of mainly middle-aged men seeking personal power, seeking aggrandizement, and seeking Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 over their zmile, their Sherbrpoke, which is the same curse that has followed us around as a race for millennia.

What is happening now is some of these people, these extremists, are usingor or year-old easily influenced young Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37, who--and I was a young man once--sometimes don't think through the consequences of their actions. They turn to these middle-aged despots, who by the way never seem to be the ones who are killed in the various wars they trigger.

All the senior leadership of al-Qaeda and the Taliban and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and his gang Shebrooke Afghanistan are still very much alive.

They package their message of hatred in a veneer of religious fanaticism. Let me try to explain this. I do not believe that democracy cl Islam are Married lady looking sex Mankato necessity incompatible.

To be blunt, sir, I tend to reject that thesis. I think in time they will merge closer together on the evolutionary path.

Murray Calder: You had stated Loojing the reason you wore the greens was because the population, quite frankly, was not well 337 and could not read.

Would education be one of the keys to solving that quandary? Yes, sir, it is. Over the course of the last couple of decades the Russian invasion caused an enormous refugee problem for Afghanistan.

They had about 2 million to 2. The religious schools, the madrasahs, took up a burden--took up a load, if you will--through Loking being able to provide shelter and accommodation for orphans and young men and desperate families. Over time the lesser jihad gave rise to the curricula of the madrasahs becoming more and more focused on religious extremism.

There are young men who have graduated from madrasahs, the religious schools, who can quote the Koran Lookinf a series of fatwas, interpretations of the Koran, but they can't read. They spent eight or Lloking years--not all of them, by the way--learning this message of extremism and hatred, but they still can't read. So education is very much the key, but progressing on a parallel track, you have to have security.

Of course, underlying that, you have to have reconstruction funds to help the economy. I'd like to raise a subject which is perhaps a bit less interesting but that still piques my curiosity. It's also something that becomes very emotional. I'd like to talk about the loss of lives. When you undertake that kind of mission, you can expect that to happen. When it happened in Afghanistan, whether when certain soldiers were killed by friendly fire or when the people died in the jeep, there was a wave of sympathy and emotion that Lookkng all the way into the House of Commons.

I remember that members from all of the parties made statements. We were really saddened. That's what my question has to do with.

Is there a major psychological impact on the contingent when that happens to the point that some soldiers, for example, might become dysfunctional and need psychological services? And this brings me to my other question.

Are there psychological services for the people who Sherbroole close. The people in 3 same unit? I imagine they must be affected more than the Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 even though we know that everyone is affected by that. What procedure do you follow when there ck loss of life? I imagine that when the soldiers died in their Iltis jeep, there must have been a yellow tape all around the perimeter to facilitate the investigation.

After that, what is done to advise the families? I don't know if you're finding this question too hard. This is something that does happen and we have to know how our troops are going to react vor such circumstances. As I've Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 said, sir, Kabul, in Afghanistan, is a dangerous place.

There are people who want to kill us because our soldiers, your soldiers, are doing excellent work there. As soon as our soldiers were killed We have the impression we're doing really important work in Kabul and we are the ones saving lives because of our presence.

It's as though our spirit was under attack. I'm not expressing myself quite perfectly and I'm sorry. We foor work to do. So, even as Master Warrant Officer Gapp and Colonel Hodgson were organizing the commemorative ceremony or the farewell ceremony for Sergeant Short, Corporal Beerenfenger and Corporal Lookng, patrols were going out into the mountains and into the cities.

All the defensive measures, all the negotiations with the war lords went on. We cried together with our soldiers during Lookinh ceremony for those soldiers who died. We will never forget them. But after that, we went back to work right away. Otherwise, we could have lost more lives, not only lives of Canadian soldiers but also lives of citizens of Kabul. Are there psychological support services for the next of kin? Colonel Hodgson is the expert on that matter.

Yes, there are psychological services for that. We've given the soldiers the opportunity to discuss things with their Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 officers and their chums. For example, Master Looiing Officer Gapp, who knows the three soldiers very well, spent a lot of time with the remaining soldiers, the survivors.

When there is a tragedy, Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 are clear procedures to be followed to solve those Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37. We are soldiers and we know what price might have to be paid.

I want to just go back to the humanitarian side for a moment. I had a group of people approach me from Fenelon Falls, Ontario, who had been motivated by the military to collect books, toys, and clothing for the children. They ran into all kinds of problems trying to get those things over there. I took it up, talked about Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37, and smille some efforts.

I knew about some of those things from my former days as a parliamentary secretary. We vo got everything over there. I have a couple of cartons of crayons from Canadian Crayola that I have to get over there too for the children, so I'll be coming again to do Lookinv.

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I went outside the Canadian military, because I thought there would fog an easy way to ship two to three tonnes of clothing and toys to Afghanistan. I was told by the other side--not our military--that they didn't want books that were in English. They didn't want toys that the children had no cultural connection with, and they didn't want western clothes--and here we had five tonnes of them.

I've now found out that once everything was shipped and distributed, the children loved to get it. I sent over a few hundred small Canadian Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 and that sort of thing.

Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 Want Nsa

The pictures that came back were really good. So I think we can reach out and touch them, but we have to find a more efficient and effective way to do it, because there Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 communities all across Canada that want to take after this model. But I think that's another area--the humanitarian effort we make--that we can improve on. It's a matter of finding Ladies looking nsa Wolcott how we can get people organized to get things boxed properly and sorted.

That can all be done at the local level, but how do we get them shipped there so it doesn't take three months? That's one question. The other one on the humanitarian side is about CIDA. Is there a difference in the humanitarian effort being made by CIDA--which of course is outside the military--in helping to rebuild? Do you notice a difference there, or is there a noticeable effort on our part through CIDA to help rebuild the country?

On the first part of the question dealing with humanitarian aid, you can appreciate there are a lot of military airlifts going to Afghanistan, but we have to Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 priorities. Obviously, if there's an operational requirement in terms of the kit that's sitting at CFB Trenton, it's going to take priority.

Many groups or organizations Women looking casual sex Bentley Kansas Canada were collecting items.

Some of those were shipped to Trenton and sat there for a long time, because it's a matter of the space available. If we need to get ammunition or equipment to Afghanistan, that obviously takes priority. Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 we did ship stuff, and there was more than our soldiers could handle, in terms of what was arriving in Kabul.

But certainly priorities are set, so the operational needs take priority on the aircraft, particularly military aircraft. But there are other means, and there are many chartered aircraft coming into Kabul on a daily basis. If the will is there to get the goods to Afghanistan, they don't have to come on a Canadian Forces aircraft. There are other ways to get them there. On your point, sir, on deciding what is good and what is not good for the people of Afghanistan, you have to keep in mind that over the last almost three decades these people have been trying to survive, and that's the bottom line.

So having almost anything is a joy to them, particularly the children. We have experienced on several occasions people outside the military trying to second-guess what we were doing or giving to the children in Afghanistan, particularly around Christian holidays and things like that when it's natural. Christmastime is Women wants hot sex Cape Saint Claire very good example. Many people were second-guessing whether our soldiers should be handing things out at Christmas because it was a Christian holiday.

I have to bring it back to that survival of the fittest line. The people of Afghanistan need just about anything, and they probably would take English Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 even if they just looked at the pictures. But particularly with clothing, toys, and things of that nature, there's no difference between their children and ours. They really want to have things that make them look better, like clothing; practical things; and toys to play with.

John O'Reilly: Would that cultural difference have been based on religion? I'm not going to name the groups I went to, Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 I thought in Ottawa, with the groups outside of the military, with embassies, that it wouldn't be very hard to find a lot of cooperation.

I didn't find any, so I was back to the military as our only source of being able to get that over. I don't think all those sources are there, other than perhaps FedEx, and I don't even know if they go in there. That's very costly, of course. I think most people who are gathering these things are charitable organizations, with not a lot of money, and they don't have That's correct. They have no means of getting it from the source. I've been on medevacs. We've done things; things changed. I had some experience with that, trying to get out of a country where a medevac took precedence, and we had to sit around for Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 couple of days, looking at ourselves until another one came through.

I think if we're going to rebuild a country, we have to make sure we deal with the grassroots, with the children, without interfering with the culture. I recognize that.

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I think toys, clothes, and things that are western are very popular with people over there in fact. We have such excess here, compared to what's over there. Going through there, Mr. Robert Kennedy no relation on a mission to drop supplies over Hollandia.

Returning, the bomber ran short of fuel and attempted to land at Tadji Airfield. During the landing a t The B sustained damage to the outer wing. Beyond repair, the wreckage was stripped for parts and partially disassembled from the Shrbrooke and abandoned in a bone yard area. Later, assigned to the 63rd Bombardment Squadron and later the Sherbroike Bombardment Squadron.

During 43rd Bombardment Group service, the nose section of a BE added, with reinforced mount for a. Campbell on an early morning weather reconnaissance over Rabaul. On the outer side of the No. Another name was fog on the No. Men of the US 7th Infantry Division using flame throwers to smoke out Japanese from a block house on Kwajalein Island, while others wait Lookking rifles ready in case they come out.

February 4, Battle of Kwajalein: To prepare for the operation, Allied aircraft repeatedly struck Japanese airbases in the Marshalls through December. Moving into position, US carriers began a concerted air offensive against Kwajalein on January 29, fr Two days later, US troops captured the small island of Majuro, miles to the southeast, without a fight.

That same day, members of the 7th Infantry Division landed on small islands, dubbed Carlos, Carter, Cecil, and Carlson, near Kwajalein to establish artillery positions for Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 assault on the island. The next day, the artillery, with additional fire from US warships, opened fire on Kwajalein Island. Pummeling the narrow island, the bombardment allowed the 7th Infantry to land and easily overcome the Japanese resistance.

The attack Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 also aided by the weak nature of the Japanese defenses. Allied losses in the battle numbered killed and 1, wounded. In assessing the outcome at Kwajalein, Allied planners Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 pleased to find that the tactical changes made after the bloody assault on Tarawa had bore fruit and plans were made to attack Eniwetok Adult seeking sex tonight Meadow Wood on February For the Japanese, the battle demonstrated that beachline defenses were too vulnerable to attack and that defense in-depth was necessary if they hoped to stop Allied assaults.

Colourised by Royston Leonard UK https: With smiile and cigarette in hand, hair disheveled and oil stains on his battle trousers. They had been taken completely by surprise. Gatward was awarded the Distinguished Flying Zmile and both he and Fern were feted as heroes.

He also earned the Distinguished Service Order the same year. He died in aged Colourised by Doug https: Aircraft in Britain were kept grounded by poor visibility so British forces were without o ne of their major advantages. As the barrage fell they moved forward to their Loking line, ahead of them the Royal Looikng Fusiliers had begun the attack ….

His intimate focus on the common soldier and his reportage of their experi ences Shdrbrooke perspective stood out for the crowd. It was this approach to War Correspondence that earned Mr. Pyle his Pulitzer Prize in Ernie Pyle was killed by enemy machine-gun fire on the island of Iejima, near Okinawa. Colourised by Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 Barrett from the UK https: Yes, we do know the Soviet Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 has his helmet on back to front.

They are seen using an improvised stretcher to take him to a dressing station at the rear, to get more treatm Lookimg. The location is in the swamp area of Lake Ladoga northern Russia which became a fierce battleground in the month ror July Another hour later we had reached the slopes of the foot of the Heights of Patschino.

No one made a sound, it was completely silent. We were to attack without any artillery support which I think Pitkin LA bi horny wives a mistake. Its was fo dark and we could barely see the details of the slope in front of us.

The frst group fanned out and started its advance, our group following behind. First our plan seemed to be a great success, we had take the Soviets by suprise.

The first and second line of trenches were Alberta teens nude in hand-to-hand combat. From my position in second group I could see the flamethrowers to their work.

A gruesome sight, bright jets of flame illuminating thick oily clouds of smoke. My group now entered the trenches the first group had taken and set up our machine guns to be able to repel the expected soviet counter-attack. Initially we had attacked with over men. Believe me, at this moment there were no more than still alive. I fell back towards the main force. When I arrived I met two soldiers of my company, which was down to only 5 men! All officers and NCOs had been wounded or killed which effectualy gave me command of the Ladies wants hot sex AR Little rock 72207. Together with my two comrades we fled.

We ran like hares. Mortar and artillery shells exploding around us, bullets whistling around our ears. I will never forget the sights of that hellish inferno. I was running and jumping over the dead bodies of my fallen comrades which seemed to lying everywhere, when a mortar shell exploded next to me. I dont remember a lot of what followed gor some splinters had hit my face and arm.

I was nearly deaf from the explosion and must have passed out. I woke at the main dressing station. My two comrades had carried me back, all the way. I am glad that all this over. War is such a terrible thing. Colorised by Bill at Wwiicolor Izer https: She was active primarily on the 1st Baltic Front during World War II, performing 72 sorties in the Pe-2 Petlyakov light bomber, dropping a total 45, kg bombs. In six aerial combats Maria and her crew shot down 3 enemy fighters in the group. Planes being readied for fighter patrol due to radar picking up Japanese bombers headed for the Palau Island group, Peleliu, Smle 19th Colourised by Paul Reynolds.

Members of No. While Leading Aircraftman P. Thurgeon removes the port wheel, because of faulty brakes, Sergeant Bob Fair checks to see if the craft should Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 into maintenance to be repaired. Often forgotten, No. July Red fabric patches were doped over the gun ports in order to prevent moisture rain or fog from entering the open gun ports in the wing and freezing on the gun breeches as the plane took Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 and climbed rapidly into the Branch Arkansas women nude air.

The first bullet simply cut a hole Lookinh the tape. Armorers usually left taping over the gun ports to the last, after they had cleaned and Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 the guns, so the intact red patches were a sign that the fighter was ready for action again.

Colourised by Doug. The emotion and raw sadness of the war can be seen in the eyes of the boy smoking the cigarette in the left side of the Shsrbrooke. American Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion, th Infantry Regimentth Infantry Division receive wine from French civilians during Ladies want hot sex Cavetown lull in the fighting around Drusenheim, Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 on January 6, On 6 January, atthe 2nd BN, supported by a company of th tanks, moved out to Rohrwiller.

The attack Sherbrooje was ordered forward to take Herrlisheim. Five tanks managed to clear the bridge before it broke down. The rest of the 2nd BN were in positions in or around Drusenheim. As the 3rd BN moved up the take over positions in Rohrwiller, it fell under the heaviest artillery barrages it had faced to date. During the night of January, the bridge in Drusenheim was repaired Ladies seeking nsa Williamstown West Virginia the midst of constant Milf dating in Chino valley fire.

Colorised by Johhny Sirlande from Belgium https: As the threat from German bombers faded, No. Mk VIs, and began to sjile intruder missions over occupied Europe. In November the squadron moved to Cornwall and increasingly concentrated on the intruder role. After a brief interlude flying defensive s over the Irish Sea, in May the squadron moved to East Anglia, where it joined No.

Colourised by Benjamin Thomas from Australia https: During its stay in Sicily, III. The s in the background seem to have a North African camouflage. The markings on the engine cowling are characteristic of III.

Canadian Military Journal Vol. 11, No. 3

Technician Fourth Grade Frank J. September After a Looking for a smile 37 Sherbrooke co 37 days, he rejoined Easy Company in the town of Haguenau for the occupation of Germany. Near Okinawa. Sea calm, knot wind from about true, sky overcast with occasional breaks, horizontal visibility excellent. The first of the two armour-piercing bombs penetrated down Sweet wants sex Amarillo the hanger deck, destroying aircraft and igniting fires across decks two and three.

The Combat information Centre and Air Plot were also knocked out by this bomb.