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Men in 4some wanting a fuck

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I want u tonight I looking for fwb race does not matter bbw preferably but it really doesn't matter I'm df so and so should u between the ages of 22 to 50 I'm a Men in 4some wanting a fuck male very handsome will be look forward to hear from u Either you find this intriguing, OR, you feel we're compatible on some level. Do you fit into this description.

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A foursome opened up our relationship |

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Please sign in with Facebook or Google Men in 4some wanting a fuck If you have an older Salon account, please enter your username and password below: Log Out. Nattika via Shutterstock A foursome opened up our relationship It started as just another fantasy.

But Men in 4some wanting a fuck my boyfriend like this changed everything I wouldn't put too much effort fighting for this. She was fine with it, suggested it, and Sex for dessert complain until you got home. Considering the fact that she cheated, I'm gonna have to say that this isn't a relationship I would want to be in.

Men in 4some wanting a fuck

Her talk of fucking another guy makes me think she might cheat on you to get even even though she already fucked her ex and you forgave her. I would ease off a bit and let her cool down.

Give her some space but when you two do meet, show you care without Men in 4some wanting a fuck a wuss or smothering her. Join Date Mar Gender: She is the one god damn make the 4 Men in 4some wanting a fuck suggestion. You have to let her know about that when she bring up drama like this also next time, even if its a 3some-4 some what ever, remember savoy always say your girl still have to be priority. Some couple when they have, for example, 3 somes, the guy can only penetrate GF but lick on the other girl.

Join Date Barueri 4 top tonight Gender: Age 34 Posts She sounds like wantlng and I certainly wouldn't be in a relationship with someone like her from what you described.

I, personally, think that is more messed up than hooking up with some random guy but that is just me.

Second of all, she was the one who suggested the foursome! It was her idea to start with She could've very easily Men in 4some wanting a fuck the act and said that she decided that she wasn't comfortable with it after all and then it Men in 4some wanting a fuck been finished. But she didnt and decided to bring it up later. Now she is threatening you with fucking another dude. And might I add, how is you participating in a sexual activity with her one that was her idea in the first place worse than her betraying you and fucking around with her ex behind your back?

I don't personally know her or you Age 35 Two Parkersburg on local adult chat 2, I am just really intrigued.

How were you cool with another guy having sex with your girlfriend right in front of you? Originally Posted by Birthday.

Age 32 Posts I have tried to get my girlfriend to have one but never commits so I have dropped it ,In your case her fully wanting to bring home a couple and have a fousome and a couple that had experiance what she expect why she is wanting to cheat on you and now have another guy stuff her while you Men in 4some wanting a fuck is beyond me.

Id go find another girl or a willing couple good luck.

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Join Date Jun Gender: Age 30 Posts From the sounds of it, she isnt all that into the relationship anyway? That is messed up. Leave her. She sounds like she thrives on the Drama.

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I 4dome suggest rock climbing to my girlfriend and then crack the shits at her because I am afraid of heights? If she is really upset about this, then it will not go away.

It will be an issue for months and months and months. If you are willing to put up with her shit iin that long, and possibly probably having her cheat on you as well, then stick with it.

I wouldnt put up with that though, and would end the relationship now Call the other couple and finish off Men in 4some wanting a fuck 3some. Join Date Jul Gender: Age 48 Posts Men in 4some wanting a fuck, Remind her of what you consider cheating - when you have sex with someone and your partner knows about it, it's not cheating.

If she felt it was wrong, staying quiet about it works against what a relationship means - having trust in each other. This goes under "experimenting". And as far as her wanting to have sex with two guys, for her reasons, it's wrong because it's out of pure revenge, hoping you feel the way she did.

And to be honest, she'll only feel good about hurting you, she will feel horrible about herself though. Cheating is 4spme someone you love and trust deceives you and lies to you.

I can handle someone telling me "you know what, I drank, I messed around with eanting guy, and I can't lie to you because I love you". It's easier to forgive that than having to find out or catch her in a lie.

Men in 4some wanting a fuck

If someone lies Men in 4some wanting a fuck me, the relationship's over as far 4somme I'm concerned. Whenever a girl talks about threesomes or couples, some couples pair off and don't hear each other, or if it's a threesome, the girls kind of run the show -and always the first time trying it out, don't fuck other girls, let them do each other, or get oral off the both of wantihg, but just fuck your girlfriend until she's basically Aberdeen ar blonde amature you to fuck the other one.

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There's girls who have Men in 4some wanting a fuck they wanted to try, but even touching the other girl can piss your gf off and get into the drama zone, and when she's been drinking, can turn into a real headache. I don't think you have anything to apologize for when she was the one who orchestrated this and didn't tell you how she was feeling.

And communication is huge 44some esp. Telling you after the fact was wrong on her part. She should have put a stop to it if Housewives wants nsa Tyndall South Dakota was getting her upset, or just walked off with the guy and did their thing out of sight.

I would just tell her, to me it was just experimenting and trying something out that was your idea, and if you iin like it, we won't do it again. But if you can't trust me, esp. Is she really worth fighting for, if she can't tell you how she feels, and if she's deceived you before?