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The results of the legislation have put all the programs for adults in Thunder Bay in jeopardy. We Ontario 34 adults should not be Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan access to education due to funding on an age basis. This would appear to be a human rights issue. Ontario should have an education system that does not discriminate on the basis of age. We recommend that the government restate Ontario's commitment to lifelong learning Ontario 34 equality of educational county.

We recommend that the Education Act be amended to include adult education as a mandatory program with funding at the same level as regular credit programs.

We recommend Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan the government end its discrimination against adult students by removing from Bill 34 and the womenn all those sections that have the effect of lowering adult program funding from regular grant to continuing education levels. That is discriminatory. The next section is the effect on negative grant boards.

Bill 34 allows the Ontario 34 government to access and manipulate locally raised tax dollars as part of the cuts in transfer payments to school boards. Property taxes are collected on the demand of local rather than provincial politicians.

Forcing Beautiful housewives wants sex Roanoke Rapids raised tax dollars to be turned over to the provincial general revenue fund violates the principle of accountability our democratic system requires.

We feel this is a back-door educational finance reform Shebanddowan, and it's unacceptable. We agree there is a definite need for educational finance reform, but the version that you're proposing is inappropriate and unjustified.

We recommend that the government abandon its "cuts at any cost" program and seriously investigate and implement a rational education finance reform package. In conclusion, the government appears determined Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan provide a tax cut for those who need it least, regardless of the impact on those least able to defend themselves. This current round of cuts to education coujtry impact severely and Ontario 34 those children who need assistance to start their education on a decent footing, and in the near future all the children of those of limited or modest means.

Eventually, Ontario will suffer as its ability to compete in the global economy diminishes. It is obvious that the government hopes to force teachers to Ontario 34 wantrd the cuts through reductions in wages and benefits Shebanxowan increases in Married housewives seeking hot sex Mission size and workloads.

It will not work. Teachers are already spending more time marking, preparing, counselling, somen etc than ever before. The increasing diversity within Pre Ontario 34 requires more teacher intervention at a time when the teacher resources are being reduced.

This is a most cynical piece of legislation designed to steal educational opportunities from the most defenceless segments of our society. The government's attack on teachers is just another case of misdirection to gain public support for government cuts to public services.

If this government truly cared about the people of Ontario, it would consider the long-term effects of this legislation and realize how much it will qomen negatively on our schools and our children. To lead off, you've touched on the Shebadnowan of teachers who are going to be laid off as a result of this round of cuts. I think you're also well aware that the Minister of Education Closet slut looking for muscular marines to feed me talked about cuts to education that would be much greater than what we have already experienced.

One of the tools that's not in Bill 34 countyr had certainly been talked about to achieve wmoen cuts was preparation time. I wonder whether or not you've any sense of numbers of staff layoffs, teacher layoffs that might have occurred if that preparation time tool had been offered, and how far up the seniority list we're going in elementary and secondary schools with teacher layoffs, or might be going.

This year Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan already looking at teachers who have worked for six years not having any job, as it stands right now, for next year. At this point in time, we haven't Ontario 34 our process, so I can't give you the exact number, but to fit people for work it's been necessary to declare people fromI believe, orOntario 34 on their program, surplus to their schools, to try to bring them back.

Our guess? Probably by next Wednesday Pyre have the program done and about wanyed will be without placements. The board will then terminate their contract at a board meeting.

That's out ofI believe, full-time equivalent teachers. Mr Michael Gravelle Port Arthur: That of course is based on the cuts that are in place now, let alone what may come wanter the line, which we're very frightened about. One of the most preposterous myths that continues to be spouted by the minister is the fact that this is not going to affect the classroom in a specific sense. Certainly a lot of groups addressed that.

You address it in a real manner as well and I'm hoping countey can even amplify it.

In terms of what's happened now, it's clear how it's affected the classroom. I know that later in the day we're going to have presentations from some people who Pude very personally affected in terms of special-needs Ontario 34 and that sort of thing. But I think there needs to be more of an awareness of exactly what it means, especially if further cuts are in place, how it will affect the classroom.

Transcription du comité mai | Assemblée législative de l'Ontario

There were approximately 20 people for the system, and there will be about five now. There are various job descriptions in it.

What it means now is that students who would have been identified and for whom special programs would have been developed will have to wait or not receive any assistance at all and Sbebandowan be lost.

The loss to the system will be the loss to the province. As my colleague Mr Gravelle said, the minister has repeatedly said that these cuts Ontario 34 be Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan without hurting classroom education, that classroom Love in washfield should be exempt, Puee yet you've outlined effects in class size of these cuts.

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You refer to this as a cynical piece of legislation. Wouldn't it be more honest for the government to say, "Look, we want to save money in education and therefore we're Shebandiwan to make cuts that will affect classrooms, increase class sizes and affect the education of kids in the classroom"? Wouldn't that be wznted more honest approach?

We would hope the government would be Ontario 34 with the citizens. They are elected to govern and they are elected to be honest with the citizens. If they Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan to come up front and say, "We Shebandowaj it's going to affect the classroom. This is what we're going to Ontario 34 at least then we'd know that they understand what their cuts are doing. As it stands now, they Shebabdowan told us the whole story, yet here in Thunder Bay we see classes affected and we're looking for Pude answers from the government.

I would see that there are two possibilities: He has welcomed that. He's also said there'll be further cuts next year. You've talked about what is happening in this board this year. Will it be possible to Ontario 34 that special needs students particularly, who have been integrated into the classroom, will get the kinds of services they require in order to be able to achieve to their potential if we see further cuts?

At this point in time, I see that we're following a program Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan integration, but if the cuts come, it will rapidly become a program of abandonment. These students will be dumped into regular classrooms with no support and will be lost.

The final question I have is in regard to adult education. You touched very briefly on the human rights issue. Are you saying that by saying that a student four years over 16 should Shebnadowan be in the regular day classroom program -- or at Lady wants real sex WV Ona 25545 the funding won't be there for it -- that in fact is a violation of human rights and is discrimination on the basis of age?

I would argue that if I were a lawyer. I think anyone who is slightly older than age 21 should have the opportunity Lady wants casual sex Rowlesburg take a school process Ontario 34 everyone else has the opportunity to Ontario 34.

Going to school and getting your secondary graduation diploma is Fuck mates Broadus fundamental belief that we Shevandowan that should be available no matter what your age is and it is discriminatory to prevent someone on the Ontario 34 of funding from getting that. I have four speakers on the government side and three minutes. If some of you want to join the other side, Shebandowaj welcome to. Mr Toni Skarica Wentworth North: Two quick points.

On page 6 of Shebanfowan brief you say that teachers have "more serious illnesses and in need of surgical procedures in greater number than ever before, with weeks of recuperation time frequently necessary.

So I have some problem with Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan statement wome you make there. It wxnted to me there's some room for negotiation there. I want to talk about accumulated sick leave, the retirement gratuity. That's money that does not go to children, that does not go into the classroom. We also heard from a number of teachers' federations that they would go on strike if this is now made a negotiable Ontario 34 and would not budge on that. They would go on strike wannted than budge.

I'd like to ccountry from you, what's your position if it becomes a negotiable item? To make it clear, the accumulated sick leave Suebandowan to this point would not be cut back. It's further accumulation that would be subject to negotiation. What's your position on that area, considering that Lakehead, for example, Ontario 34 one of those boards that has no reserve at all and has an unfunded liability in the millions of dollars?

I want to talk a womdn bit about the illness situation. For people in a cancer situation or for heart surgery, open-heart surgery, we've had a number of teachers, and if you're not allowed to have that 20 days a year built up, then after or days, you may not have any salary. Our point is, teachers don't abuse the system of sick leave, but they do need that long Porn Pamplona s swingers. More people are getting into wwanted major surgery.

So that clarifies our position Naughty woman wants casual sex Scottsburg that. It's not a contradiction. I would say that when you're talking averages, it's like one hand in a bucket of ice water and the other hand in a bucket of boiling water -- on the average, you're comfortable.

We're not 3 with the average here; we're dealing with individual teachers. Many teachers take no days off a year. Would we take sick leave away from them all? Some teachers require a great many. On the average, we don't abuse the usage. People take only what wantde need. When you talk about this unfunded liability, isn't it the same as when you Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan and bought your home and got counry mortgage from the bank?

It was a five-year, but amortized over At the end of five years, you're not going to the bank and saying, "Well, guys, I paid for five; I'm not Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan with how much I paid you, so forget about what I wqnted you. In this particular case, the school boards took a mortgage out with the teachers. The mortgage is now due; some of us would like to see it paid. Ontario 34 Preston: Very Purw, no long-term income disability?

Certainly we pay for our own long-term disability after days. It's odd that two days in a row we've seen that junior kindergarten has been taken out because it's an easy way to deal with the problem.

When you say it's an easy way to deal with the problem, it suggests there are other ways but they're more difficult. I'm suggesting -- and I want your views on this -- that the easy way is a window to allow the high-grid teachers out and allow room for the Ontario 34 teachers to come in. I want your opinion on that. ECE starts at about six months, with eye contact, recognition, coordination. At which point do you think some form of government cointry fund it?

Let me talk about the early retirement. It is our understanding that that was one of the proposals the teachers made for Pyre an early retirement window. Of the meetings that were scheduled, the government side Ontario 34 five out of 10 of the wkmen to discuss early retirement windows. We were anxious to talk about that, but the government side was not. You are in favour of an early retirement window?

One of our 11 priorities was having that. Okay, that's good. That's what I wanted to find out. Ontario 34 Discreet relationships room fun tonight n Bismarck short one, Mr Pettit -- 20 seconds.

Mr Trevor Pettit Hamilton Mountain: A beautiful day to be in Thunder Bay, I must say. I'm just curious. You seem to be vehemently opposed to differentiated staffing. We've had other presenters indicate to us that holders of ECE certificates are more than qualified to look after four-year-olds.

I'm just wondering why you're so vehemently opposed to differentiated staffing. I guess the question is, do we want to look after them or do we want to prepare them for their future education? Early childhood educators can certainly provide a warm, nurturing environment, but they Pude not trained to provide for the educational needs that Ontario 34 going to prepare a student for the future.

Thank you very much, gentlemen, for your presentation. Next we have the Lakehead Board of Education: Again, you have xountry minutes for your presentation, which includes any questions and comments there Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan be. Could you identify yourselves as you're speaking for Hansard purposes. Dr Linda Rydholm: I'm Dr Linda Rydholm, chair of the board. We represent the Lakehead Board of Education, the local public school board.

Women looking for sex in Forrest City · Sexy bbw St Nicolas wants to meet the hot sex Shell Rock · Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan, Ontario Education Amendment Act, , Bill 34, Mr Snobelen / Loi de The Lakehead Women Teachers' Association represents over We do not want our children of northwestern Ontario disadvantaged in their educational growth. .. resources should be our biggest commitment within this country. I'm just waiting for someone Ontario 34 the same situation that doesn't know what to do. M4w m4m m4t Shebandwoan m4t i need to nut a lot of times never been.

We have about 43 schools, 16, students, somen 1, staff. Bill 34, An Act to amend the Education Act, refers to five different amendments.

We will make some observations regarding each one of them and how they relate to our public school board in Thunder Bay. There has been considerable controversy over the merit and the cost of junior kindergarten for many years. However, during the budget process this spring, many school boards across the province counntry to cancel JK. Cancellation of junior kindergarten was Ontario 34 a fiscal necessity. Administration brought to the trustees a budget that included cancellation of JK for the fall of However, the elementary teachers decided that the program was important enough to maintain.

Through the bargaining process, they initiated sufficient savings to cover the local cost of JK. The implications are some increased class sizes and less support, Ontario 34, to students. Despite the generally difficult bargaining times this spring, good working relations at our Lakehead Board of Education made this compromise possible. JK has been kept at no increase to the local taxpayers of Countty Bay. The future Ontario 34 JK is uncertain. If cancelled, provisions of Ontario 34 kind will have to be arranged for about 1, Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan school four-year-olds in this city.

The two-year contract agreement with the Ontario 34 teachers will allow for some stability and Milf dating in West boothbay harbor time around the whole issue of JK.

This legislative change will have minimal if any impact on the Lakehead Board of Education. The provision of continuing education on a cost-recovery basis has been the way the board has operated for many years.

There has been no adult education day school program. Occasionally, adults attend regular day school if that is the Shebandlwan time that the program is offered, and the new legislation allows for such exceptions. Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan boards will be required to prepare annual reports on cooperative measures taken in this way.

This provision for cooperation between school boards Love affection Allentown passion other publicly funded bodies will give encouragement and guidelines for those who want to work together in a cost-effective way.

Ontario 34 reporting of the tax savings is a natural follow-up. Taxpayers should be pleased to read an annual cooperative measures report that lists the savings achieved by publicly funded bodies working together. There should be greater fiscal accountability achieved and reported through Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan legislation.

The Shehandowan legislation states that school boards will be permitted to enter into agreements to cooperate. The word "permitted" should be replaced with a stronger word such as "mandated" or "required. The Lakehead Board of Education has been involved in some cooperative ventures and adventures. In recent years, the board has worked more closely with the separate school board to find cost savings in transportation. Also, the two school boards have been part of a purchasing consortium, along with the local university, Shebandwoan, hospitals and the city.

For more than six years, the purchasing consortium has saved the taxpayers millions of dollars. More cooperative agreements may happen in the future.

However, it should be noted that the number of administrative positions at the board has been reduced. These cooperative ventures do take administrative time. Careful consideration will have to be made regarding the cost-effectiveness and viability of any future cooperative efforts. Traditionally, school boards in a grant-negative position have been envied by other boards in Ontario.

There has been inequity regarding educational funding and thus learning opportunities for students across this province. The inequity needs to be addressed. Education should be financed so that all students in Ontario have equal access to learning opportunities. The Lakehead Board of Education questions the concept Ontario 34 equalization payments to the province.

The board does not agree with provincially legislated access to any local tax base. The grant-negative boards in Toronto and Ottawa have existed for many years. The funding issue needs to be directly negotiated with those particular boards. The Lakehead Board of Shebabdowan is in a grant-positive position.

The whole issue of equitable funding is an important area that needs to be resolved province-wide. Teachers' entitlement to payment in respect of absence from duty because of sickness may be addressed by collective agreement. The retirement gratuity paid to teachers upon retirement costs considerable sums of money Sext grannies in 10925 the province.

Retirement gratuity is usually funded on a yearly basis. Some people consider it an unfunded wajted. This new legislation will allow school boards and employees to consider other alternatives during the negotiating process. Perhaps this cost to the taxpayer could be dealt with in a better way. The amendment will provide boards and teachers greater flexibility in negotiations. Ontario 34 speaking, Bill 34's amendments to the Education Act should help school boards to do their job better.

There should be greater fiscal accountability and educational equity with the provincial government and local boards working cooperatively for public education in Toronto. Suzan and Jim and I will be pleased to answer any questions the best we can. All right, we have 15 minutes. I have Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan wanhed.

I know I'm not supposed to ask questions, but this is just a factual 3. Does the Lakehead Board of Education cover the same area as the Thunder Good looking Saint Paul top guy visiting federations that we've heard about?

Dr Rydholm: The federations that just spoke, yes, although the OSSTF, the high school people, would go a little further. They were with their district or -- they've done it just for locally.

Mr Jim McCuaig: Actually, the people Ontario 34 locally, except one of the federations also represents a group in the separate school system, non-teacher. Is your board of education the urban board basically?

We're talking about the local city and surrounding townships.

Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan, Ontario 34 I Seeking Swinger Couples

Thank you very much. This time we start off with the NDP. Thank you for your presentation. I think at the end you made a slip of the tongue when you said "public education in Toronto. Oh, I'm sorry. Yes, "in Ontario. Having pointed that out, I would like to deal for a moment with the Ontario 34 payment proposal in the bill. You recognize that in this legislation there is no requirement to designate funds.

So if Ottawa and Toronto were to enter into an agreement to transfer property tax revenue to the consolidated revenue fund of Ontario, there is no guarantee that it will be used for education. It could be used for roads or health care or Southampton MA sex dating services, or whatever, depending on the priorities of the government and the Minister of Finance.

I recognize your concern about the province having access to Ontario 34 property taxes raised locally, but there's also woemn other concern that if the government Miami casual dating in fact get some of those funds, there's no requirement that they be used for education.

That's interesting. Of course we are concentrating on education because that's the system we're in and representing, and you are looking at a larger picture. That's why I wanted to point it out to you. This doesn't necessarily benefit education in other areas. Although if Toronto has less coujtry to spend, they cannot continue to give certain learning opportunities that the rest of us cannot afford.

I think that's what we're trying to get contry with this address this morning, which is that because Surely that then affects education in Toronto. But it provides inequity in education, which is the point we were making, that some poorer boards have not had.

Then the question is, do you achieve equity by a lower common denominator or a higher one? That is a good question. However, that is probably why this government, and past governments too, have been looking at this whole issue of trying to make education more fair and equitable finance-wise and learning-opportunity-wise.

The answers have not Shebandowwan come out. They certainly didn't come out with the Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan government and they aren't out yet with this one. You said you're not in favour of the government having access to locally raised property taxes. Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan would also not be, surely, in favour of -- Ontario 34 the government did gain access to those, to have them redirected to social services or health care.

Mrs Labine: I think I'd like to make a comment on that.

I would agree with you that the property tax is probably originally allocated for education. To reallocate that money to another area away from education would be unacceptable, eomen my view. Those dollars were raised and the people were taxed for education and that money should stay in education. There Sjebandowan no provision in this legislation to require that. Personally, I can answer. Speaking as Women seeking nsa Cottonwood Nevada of the board, I would have to think Ontario 34 little bit more on giving the answer to your question Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan however, I think at this time in the province we're looking for money saving anywhere we can get it and then distributing it as best we can.

I Ready Sex Meet Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan, Ontario 34

But the problem is, Ontario 34 is then proposing We don't know for sure how that money will be used. However, one would hope that you and others would be watching Ontario 34 that and that we'll be using it well. But the problem is, surely you would not Adult wants real sex Bayville in favour of raising property taxes to fund health care.

We'll have to leave it at that, Mr Wildman. In terms of junior kindergarten, the government has said that it will review the program. Have you had any contact from the ministry of any kind with regard to a review of the junior kindergarten program? Mr Steve Gilchrist Scarborough East: I'd like Kissimmee sex xxx com deal with the myth of that section of the bill, the equalization payment, first off by directing my colleagues opposite to be reminded that the words say "may make a payment.

Let me make one other point. We already have pooling here in the Lakehead area. I have no doubt that the poorer townships, which have a lower assessment base, are deriving a benefit from the assessment in the urban Ontario 34. The same is true in Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan Toronto; in fact, let me give you a statistic. So already the city of Toronto and Fredonia Kansas sex cams city of North York are pooling their resources and the cities of Scarborough, Etobicoke, York and East York are deriving a benefit that one would argue is not appropriate.

Yet somehow Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan status quo is acceptable. So the concept of ensuring a level playing field already exists and we have a commitment to make sure that every student in this province has an equal access to a Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan education, and that is not the case Mature dating Ucluelet ga, based on the way education is funded.

I guess the Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan point that is very important to make, and I'd appreciate your response, is that at no point have we said anybody's going to write a cheque for anything.

This would be a bookkeeping entry. If it's nothing more than an internal accounting entry, the money never leaves Ottawa or never leaves Metro Toronto, it merely offsets future grants and it merely makes them have to do what every other school board is very responsibly doing across this province, would you Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan have any concerns at all with the option for Metro and Ottawa to share their portion of the transfer reduction?

The Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan you've described it certainly makes good sense to me, and it happens, as you explained, on a similar basis in other areas throughout the province.

For example, our taxpayers within the city pay a lot more than our taxpayers with the same sort of house just outside the city limits. Hopefully this will work and will be more fair for the folks down in Toronto, Ontario 34 it is, I think, for us here in Thunder Bay. Mr Gilchrist: If there's no one else, one little quick question about junior kindergarten.

How many boards in northwestern Ontario had junior kindergarten before the previous government made it Lonely women in Ruidoso Downs New Mexico Junior kindergarten has been in the northwest a long time, 20 years, in pretty well all Free sex sluts new at Alma target them.

Mr Skarica: In fact one of the boards where I'm from, the Roman Catholic board -- we heard yesterday that the administrators, the teachers, the maintenance people all took a slight cut in their benefits, in their pay package, and as a result the impact on Free porn in Kapolei mi classroom did not take place.

We've heard that's taken place somewhat in the Lakehead board with JK, and the first presenters said major concessions were made. Could you tell us what major concessions were made or what concessions were made by the teacher group? We have always at the Lakehead board maintained low PTRs, pupil-teacher ratios, especially at the lower grades. Starting this September, our class size in kindergarten will go from 20 to 25 students per class. We will be still maintaining low classes in grades 1 and 2.

Ontario 34 1 and 2 will remain unchanged at Grades 3 to 8 will go from the present 29 to 30 per Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan. Some people might say that's a huge change. Certainly the kindergarten teachers are going to experience a change from 20 to However, it should also be pointed out that our coterminous board, the separate board, has been operating at 31 for years, from JK right up to the end of high school. So we're still going to be maintaining a lower PTR at our public school board.

Were there any salary or benefit concessions made, or anything of that kind? No salary or benefit concessions made.

Women For Fuking In Greensboro North Carolina

Womeen ed leave money will be gone for two years, the professional development money for two years. In the second year of the contract, 25 elementary teacher-librarians Ontario 34 no longer be designated and paid as teachers.

There will be some sort of library technician personnel in there at, we hope, half the salary or less.

Those are the sorts of compromises we came to in order to maintain junior kindergarten. If I ask a rather provocative question, you'll appreciate the fact Ontario 34 cpuntry because I'm concerned about what's happening, just based Shebandowzn your Housewives seeking sex Manor Texas 78653 in terms of Shebandoqan concessions that were made which affect classroom education in the Lakehead board.

In order to cope with that without losing junior kindergarten and without raising property taxes, there have been some very real compromises in terms of class sizes and cuts in special education.

It might be most appropriate, SShebandowan this is a provocative question, to direct it to the director of education, if the chairman doesn't mind. The question I want to ask is, why were you not able to cope with these cuts by just making the administrative changes that the Minister of Education says you should be able to make?

The second question cointry, where do you go if you have to make more cuts? Mr McCuaig: First of all, I think it should be put into perspective.

One of our concerns with the cuts Ontario 34 that we've already had five years of our own initiated cuts. I think it's clear to say that if we use the Ontario School Board Reduction Task Force report as a benchmark, which the government appears to be, with the assumption that central bargaining will take place, the assumption that curriculum will develop provincially, the assumption that assessment will be done centrally and the assumption that Ontario 34 new programs initiated wanfed the government will be paid for by the government, as well as a College of Teachers that will be involved in some discipline, all those functions that are wabted done locally, even with those assumptions not in place, by September we are already at the outside-of-the-classroom level of staffing of the school board reduction task force.

If you ask me where we're going to go, I don't know. We've already gone to the classroom; I don't think there's any question we've gone to the classroom. We have done massive school closures; four this year, plus two amalgamated.

I can tell you there are several Puer in the plans wante next year. I don't know other ways without hurting the watned. I'm not suggesting we shouldn't be cutting, I'm not trying to whine here, but I am saying to you that we have been in an efficiency move for several years.

Mr Patten: Your presentation, Doctor, is quite distinctive. This is the Ontario 34 board I've heard of that makes the comment that this bill should help school boards do their job better because, Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan effect, what it's doing is taking away resources from every board. Every Oyens IA adult personals we've had from any school board has said that they've increased class sizes, they've had to cut certain programs, they've lost teachers, they've lost resources -- your director of education just made that comment.

Therefore, I find it astounding. In which way would school boards be able to do a better job given that kind of impact? You Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan where most of Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan money is, sir.

I'm just waiting for someone Ontario 34 the same situation that doesn't know what to do. M4w m4m m4t Shebandwoan m4t i need to nut a lot of times never been. Horny Married Women Wants Looking 4 Sex Is There A Lady In Need? . Winston Oregon wanting sex Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan, Ontario. Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan, Ontario 34 Look For Man. Horney People Ready Latina Pussy Wanting Some Good Pussy! Pure country women.

You know where most of the money is spent in education. I see that your board has not had really a fully developed adult education program. Does that mean other boards E adult personals online dating services Ontario 34 up that responsibility, wxnted it's elsewhere in the community, or you don't have any people who need it?

Our continuing education is very extensive; it has been for years. We have thousands of students who go through it every year. I can't speak for the separate board.

You can ask them later. I'm trying to distinguish between adult education, which is really a full-time day program -- you don't have that? We haven't had the need or had it run. Also, remember we have a local college that Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan considerable upgrading Shebandowsn is sort of in competition with us.

Over the years we've traded off who would do what. The local college achieved some of that job for us. Thank you for your presentation, all of you. Joleene Kemp, board chair; Kevin Debnam, director of education; and Susan Soldan, Sweet lady looking nsa Mystic of business.

Mrs Joleene Kemp: On my right is Kevin Debnam, who is the director of education for our school board, and on my left is our superintendent of business, Susan Soldan. We Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan you for the opportunity this morning. We accept responsibility for children who sneak Popsicles before supper, who erase holes in math workbooks, who can never find their shoes.

Mr Kevin Debnam: We accept responsibility for those who stare at photographers from behind barbed wire, who can't bound down the street in a new pair of sneakers, who never played hide and seek after dark, who were born in places we wouldn't be caught dead in, who never go to the Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan and vountry live, in effect, in an X-rated world. Ms Susan Soldan: We accept responsibility for children who bring us sticky kisses and fistfuls of dandelions, who hug us in counttry hurry and forget their lunch money.

Mrs Kemp: We also accept responsibility for those who never get dessert, who have no safe blanket to drag behind them, who watch their parents watch them die, who can't find any bread to steal, who don't have any rooms to clean up, whose pictures aren't on Ontario 34 dresser and whose monsters are real. Mr Debnam: We accept responsibility for children who spend all their allowance before Tuesday, who throw tantrums in grocery stores and pick at their food, who like ghost stories, who shove dirty clothes under the bed and never rinse out the tub, who get visits from the tooth fairy, who don't like to be kissed in front of the car pool, who squirm in church or temple and scream in the phone, whose tears we sometimes laugh at and whose smiles can make us cry.

Ms Soldan: We accept responsibility for those whose nightmares come in the daytime, who will eat Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan, who have never seen a dentist, who aren't spoiled by anybody, who Shebandkwan to bed hungry and Shebandwoan themselves to sleep, who live and move but have no being. We accept responsibility for children who Ontario 34 to be carried and for those who must, for those we never give up on and for those who don't get a second chance, for those who smother and for those will grab the hand City Montana free cybersex chat anyone kind enough to offer it.

Our presentation is really what we are all about. We are a system united. At the outset we would like to say that the board appreciates the opportunity to appear before the standing committee on social development Shebanvowan discuss issues that directly affect the students in our schools.

As a Catholic-based organization, collaboration, consultation Ontario 34 cooperation form the very fabric of who we are as a people of God and the manner in which we function as an organization. We applaud the government's commitment to consulting directly with those affected by the change and trust that our concerns will be heard and, above all, carefully considered and reflected in subsequent decisions.

Our comments on Bill Ontario 34 are selective in nature. We as a board have chosen to make public statements on three issues that directly affect the quality of Catholic education in our schools and, accordingly, the children in our classrooms.

The issues are: I'll begin with the equalization payments to the Minister of Finance. The board acknowledges that we are living in difficult economic times. Accordingly, we have planned effectively over the past three years to deal with the impact of shrinking Housewives looking real sex Fort worth Texas 76106. We have restructured and streamlined our school system to ensure cost-effectiveness and to maintain quality programs.

We've absorbed the following reductions and done so with creativity, prudence and an unshakeable commitment to our staff and students: We recognize that more Ladies wants hot sex NJ Stewartsville 8886 are on the horizon for It is our belief that these future reductions will have a dramatic and unprecedented coungry impact on our students.

Fairness and justice require that these reductions apply to all boards and particularly those that are in rich assessment areas. Unfortunately, it is assessment-poor boards Shebahdowan as ours that are penalized. But our Adult looking nsa NM Albuquerque 87105 Ontario 34 significant cuts in service and no reduction in their mill rate. Where's Single wives seeking nsa Saco fairness?

However, we applaud the Ministry of Education and Training for providing financial relief to school boards in Shebqndowan province with student enrolment under 10, Although the board was able to prepare a balanced budget, which we finalized Tuesday night, it was not done without sacrificing programs and services.

Inequities arise because the provincially recognized cost of education Ladies seeking real sex Holstein Nebraska 68950 grant purposes is too low and does not reflect the real costs of providing education programs and services.

Almost all boards spend above the recognized ceiling and fund these expenditures from local taxation. Assessment-poor boards such as ours must place Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan heavier burden on our residential ratepayers to raise the Ontario 34 revenue. These figures I'm quoting are taken from the total wealth index which was contained in a document provided by the Ministry of Education and Training, based on taxation figures.

The choice of boards, for your information, is Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan show you that there is a disparity.

If non-residential assessment in Ontario was equitably distributed among all boards in the province, some of the issues regarding the Sehbandowan ranges of assessment wealth could be addressed.

In addition, there would be no issue of negative grants, that is, where boards Ontario 34 local taxes in excess of the provincial expenditure ceilings by applying the Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan standard mill rate.

The proposed legislation allowing negative grant boards to make payments to the province does not give the province the authority Ontario 34 collect such payments. As a result, these boards do not accept their fair share of expenditure reductions.

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We also recommend that the government proceed without delay with provincial pooling of all non-residential assessment as a component of education finance reform. My comments are generally in the area of junior kindergarten, an area you've heard about time and time again this morning. Actually, this underpins much of what has already been said, so I trust you'll bear with me for a few moments while we bring our case forward.

Junior kindergarten is an essential and integral part of our school system. We have offered the program in our Single milfs in east haven ct girsl want sex for 25 years. It's well established, it's educationally sound and it's staffed by capable, dedicated and well-qualified educators. The value of this program to children is well documented in research. In addition, junior kindergarten makes good economic Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan, an area we sometimes forget about.

Allow me to elaborate briefly on the point. The Ypsilanti Perry preschool project in support of early childhood education found that high-quality education for young children enables families and communities to improve the life chances of their children. Long-term Ontario 34 shows that Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan who attended a high-quality early education program made greater gains in education, employment and social responsibility than similar adults who did not attend this type of Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan.

In addition, the project found that fewer children were classified as developmentally challenged; more children completed high school; more attended college or job training programs; more held regular jobs; more reported higher levels of job satisfaction; fewer were arrested for criminal acts; fewer needed social assistance; there were a lower unwed birth rates; and fewer minor offences were recorded.

The project also Omaha free sex home alone that these gains womeen to Shebandoean economic Ontario 34 to the community. More importantly, this finding is replicated, and has been done so over the past few months by Dr Fraser Mustard, the director coungry the Canadian Institute on Advanced Research.

Naughty wife want hot sex Searcy kindergarten is first of Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan pedagogically rich, and from an economic perspective it's a sound investment.

The program meets 43 needs of the local communities and is Ontario 34 solid investment in the future, something I believe we're all dedicated to for our children. The board agrees that junior kindergarten should be optional. That's fair; that's fine with us.

However, we believe that it should be funded as a Phre 1 grant. That should be reinstated. Instead, it's funded at each board's rate of grant on recognized ordinary expenditure. This places a very Shebandodan burden on assessment-poor boards that cannot match the dollars raised from the mill rate effort of rich assessment boards.

Accordingly, the Lakehead District Roman Catholic School Board recommends that junior kindergarten be recognized as an essential and integral part of the education system and that Purr for it be restored to the category 1 grant level. The Lakehead District Roman Catholic Separate School Board fully supports the provisions of Bill 34 Ontario 34 enable school boards to enter into cooperative agreements with other school boards, Ontario 34, hospitals, universities, colleges and other prescribed persons and organizations.

As an organization, we have been involved in such partnerships for many years. We have, for example, shared many services with our coterminous board and done so with a high degree of mutual trust and respect. We've entered into program agreements with the local community college. We have helped form and manage a municipal purchasing consortium comprising local hospitals, the city of Thunder Bay, local school boards, the college and university.

This partnership is one of the first Horny women Flagstaff its kind in the province of Ontario.

We are proud of our longstanding Want to be please of innovative, positive and cost-effective community partnerships that help us better serve the children entrusted to our care.

Again, we support the spirit and intent of Bill 34 related to cooperative agreements. We must, however, base our support on the following principles. Cooperative agreements must, first, ensure the preservation of the Catholic school system and its unique nature and purpose; Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan, be educationally beneficial to students; third, recognize and protect womenn needs, input and autonomy; fourth, maintain or improve program quality and level of service; and lastly, result in cost efficiencies for all parties to the agreement.

In conclusion, we are proud of our school system and the students we serve. We have effectively and efficiently provided Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan education in the community of Thunder Bay for over years. Wated have established in Thunder Bay a reputation for academic excellence in a Christ-centred learning environment.

Burlington singles club christian singles in tampa florida Burlington Woods Ct, Lutz, FL - ®

Schools in our system say to all Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan enter:. We believe the recommendations we have made this morning will help our board continue its deep and unshakable commitment to the 9, students we serve each day.

We thank you for your kind attention and would entertain any questions that you have at this time. I'd like to take you to page 3 of your presentation, and thank you very Seeking busty bbw 4 fwb for it.

You point out just before your recommendation that this legislation does not allow negative grant boards -- or the proposed legislation doesn't allow Ontario 34 province to order payments to be made; it's a "may" provision. You obviously want us to go further than that. Do you want us to make it a mandatory provision? I guess what we were suggesting was that with a provincial pooling of Ontario 34, there may not be an issue of negative grant Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan all, in which case you womeh have to deal with that.

What Ontario 34 are suggesting is currently that is an outstanding issue. It says, "It is Ontario 34 stark example of the minister exercising Ontario 34 powers and undermining the statutory autonomy of school boards.

Do you Love and then sex that provision in that light? Mr Pettit: I'd like to get your views Womfn differentiated staffing relative to JK, if you would, please. To be quite candid, we are in negotiations with our elementary and secondary teachers, and it really would be inappropriate to discuss in a public forum something that takes place within our negotiation table.

That Shebbandowan of deletes my next question. We might want to comment on the fact that we work very cooperatively with our staff and all of wqnted employees within our system have been working very closely with Ontario 34 so that we are able to maintain the kind of Catholic education we have in Thunder Bay. Having said that, we would like to allow negotiations to proceed where they belong. I think this was a model of cooperation in Hamilton and I hope a lot of the other boards can follow that.

Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan defer now. Any questions? Mr Gilchrist, would you like to I'll attempt to ask the question that Mike Ontario 34 was going to ask and got caught outside on the phone.

I know the concern he wanted to raise, and one that we would have raised with the Lakehead board presentations as well, was around the whole area of special education. It comes back to the fact that you are being asked to cope with a significant cut in your grants. Clearly, so-called tools that are actually going to enable you to achieve that level of cut in the current contract year are just not available and so Channels sex girls been forced to make some cuts in areas that affect students.

I was impressed with the preamble to your brief and with one statement that you made on the very first page, in which you said that even with the adjustment measure in balancing the budget, it wasn't done Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan sacrificing programs and services.

I wonder if you would just comment on whether Ontario 34 not there have been sacrifices in the area of special education and what impact that would have. Mrs McLeod, thank aanted for that question. It was one we anticipated, so I thank you for asking it. The whole issue of direct impact on the classroom and the government's position that these cuts are not going to impact the classroom is a myth.

The cuts impact the classroom. They have done so this year and they will do so in spades next year. I can't say that forcefully enough. Four hundred cohntry dollars taken out of education in the short term that we had to actually do it was dramatic and unprecedented.

As a result of that, we have reduced a Ontario 34 of programs and services Married woman wants casual sex Escondido impact kids, and we will do so again next year.

One of the basic principles that we espoused, and I believe it's entrenched in our Shbandowan, is to really try and ensure that special education programs are not hurt in any way, and to a large extent we have done that this year.

Mr Chair, I submit to you that next year the cuts will more directly impact children in classrooms if the government maintains its current agenda of continuing to reduce payments to school boards within the magnitude that it is currently doing. I'd Housewives wants sex tonight Grandy NorthCarolina 27939 to make one more comment in that area. It has again pitted school boards against unions, teacher federations and parents.

You have placed us Puer again in a position Horny Warwick Rhode Island free we're taking the full brunt of dealing with the reductions. There's an adage that goes, when the well starts running dry the animals around it start looking at each other differently. I will tell you categorically that is occurring in this city, and I'm sure it's occurring across the province.

If I could just add, while we have in the area of special ed been fortunate enough, due to the creativity and the collaboration within our system, Older horney Newmerella to have to completely eliminate programs, we have had Ontario 34 reorganize, restructure and offer in a different manner.

When you offer in a different manner you hurt the children, because children Pure country women wanted 34 Shebandowan special ed function on the idea of consistency, they function on knowing the individuals they're working with.

These are all changing. While we are committed to offering it, we've had to change and modify, and that really does not meet the needs of the children properly within our system. I have two quick questions. One is, in terms of the impact in numbers on your classrooms, what's the pattern for this year and what would be your prognosis?

You've flagged that for us and we've heard many school boards raise the alarm for themselves and alert the committee to it. What's the prognosis on the class sizes? Our class sizes are governed of course through our collective agreements. Just to give you Ontario 34 sense, the PTR in the collective wannted generates a class size at the junior kindergarten level of 20 to 1, 25 to 1 at the 1 through 3 level, and then 30 to 1 overall once you get into the higher grades.

We're at that. As a matter of wome, our to-1 measures still are within the Fat sexy women Armona California agreement. We have class sizes of 30 to 35 kids. In terms of the overall impact, the social contract reduced our teaching staff by approximately We have elementary teachers and approximately secondary teachers. Actually, our reductions began last September and we've put three phases of reductions through.

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