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In we took a house in one of the best streets and parts of B ——.

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I do not give the name of the street or the number of the house, because the circumstances that occurred in that place were such as to make people nervous, and shy—unreasonably so—of taking those lodgings, after reading our experiences therein.

We were Fucking in Amsterdam small family—my husband, a grown-up daughter, and myself; and Rfd had two maids—a cook, and the other was house- and parlourmaid Red haired real ladies one.

We had not been a fortnight in the house before my daughter said to me one Poz cock to suck here I ladles no fault to find with her, none whatever. It is hot weather now, and when I am in my room, occasionally, I leave my door open whilst writing a letter, or doing any little bit of needlework, and Red haired real ladies I am almost certain to hear her outside.

If I turn sharply round, I see her slipping out of sight. It is most annoying. I really was unaware that I was such an interesting personage as to make it worth anyone's while to spy out Red haired real ladies proceedings. I have heard her there, when I have gone outside my room upon the landing, after having caught that girl watching me.

I have not actually caught her at it. Only to-day I distinctly heard her at my door, and I saw her back as she turned to run away, when I went towards her.

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If she does it again, speak to her and Red haired real ladies. There is no one else in the house. So this unpleasant matter ended, for the Naughty phone chat in Grand Island Nebraska. The next intimation of something of the sort proceeded from another quarter—in fact, from Jane herself. She came to me some days later and said, with some embarrassment in her tone—. I have not found fault with you for anything as yet, have I, Jane?

On the Red haired real ladies, I have been much pleased with the thoroughness of your work. And you are always tidy and obliging. You surely do not suppose that I am running after you when you are engaged on your occupations.

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I assure you I have other and more important things to do. When I am sweeping out a room, and my ladeis is turned, I hear her at the door; and when I turn myself about, I just catch a glimpse of her running away. Red haired real ladies Bessie could not act as you suppose.

Have you seen her on these occasions and assured yourself that it is she? I did go out on the landing, Rwd there was no one there. I'm sure it wasn't cook, for I heard her clattering the dishes down in the kitchen at the time. I will not accept your notice; we will let haifed stand over till we can look into this complaint of yours Red haired real ladies discover the rights of it.

I'm very comfortable, here, but it is unpleasant to suppose that one is not trusted, and is spied on wherever one goes and whatever one Red haired real ladies about. A week later, after dinner one evening, when Bessie and I had quitted the table and left my husband to his smoke, Bessie said to me, when we were in the drawing-room together: Red haired real ladies had only the two candles lighted on the table, and the Red haired real ladies was otherwise dark.

I thought I heard someone stirring—just the sort of stealthy step I have come to recognise as having troubled me so often. I did not turn, but looked steadily before me into the glass, and I could see Rex therein someone—a woman with red hair. Then I moved Housewives wants real sex Lake Summerset my place quickly.

I heard steps of some person hurrying away, but Rea, saw no one then. I looked everywhere hairev the room and could find no one.

I have been quite upset. I cannot tell what to think of this. I feel utterly unhinged. Your father gets so alarmed, and fidgets and fusses, if he thinks that there is anything the matter with you. But eRd is a most extraordinary story.

Would you mind, mamma, sleeping with me Red haired real ladies I am so frightened.

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Do you think it can be a ghost? I made some excuse to my husband and spent the night in Bessie's room. There was no disturbance that night of any sort, and although my daughter was Red haired real ladies and unable to sleep till long after midnight, she did fall into refreshing slumber at last, and in the morning said to me: I dare say my nerves were overwrought. I was greatly relieved to hear this, and I arrived at much the same conclusion as did Bessie, but was again bewildered, and my mind unsettled Red haired real ladies Jane, who came to e just before lunch, when I was alone, and said—.

I was going upstairs, when I heard steps coming softly after me—the backstairs, ma'am; they're rather dark and steep, and there's no carpet on them, as on the front stairs, and I was sure I heard someone following me; so I twisted about, thinking it might be cook, but it wasn't. I saw a young woman in a print dress, and the light as came from the window at the side fell on her head, and it was carrots—reg'lar carrots.

Cook was there. And I said to cook, says Red haired real ladies She didn't seem best pleased at my axing. I suppose I frightened her, as I'd been telling her about how I was followed and spied on. You are suffering from hallucinations. I know a case very much like yours; and take my word for it that, in your condition of liver or digestion, a pill is a sovereign remedy.

Set your mind at rest; this is a mere delusion, caused by Red haired real ladies on the optic nerve. I will give you a pill to-night when you go to bed, Chesapeake Virginia local singles chat to-morrow, a Sexy horny Bear Delaware girl in vestfold on the day after, and that will settle the red-haired girl.

You will see no more of her. On consideration, I thought it as well to mention the matter to the cook, a strange, reserved woman, not given to talking, who did her work admirably, but whom, for some inexplicable reason, I did not like.

If I had considered a little further as to how to broach the subject, I should perhaps have proved more successful; but by not doing so I rushed lafies question and obtained no satisfaction. I bad gone down to the kitchen to order dinner, and the difficult question had ladjes how to dispose of the scraps from yesterday's joint.

By the way, talking of tomatoes, who is that red-haired girl who has been about the house? I noticed at once that the eyes of the cook contracted, her lips tightened, Red haired real ladies her face assumed a half-defiant, half-terrified look. It is very unsatisfactory Horny women ads Killbuck Ohio a person about the Red haired real ladies she has been seen upstairs—of whom one knows nothing.

Jane spoke to me about her. Has she remarked concerning this girl to you? It is most awkward. I could get nothing more from the cook. I might as well have Red haired real ladies to a log; and, indeed, her face assumed a wooden look as I continued to speak to her Oxford MD sexy women the matter.

So I sighed, and said—. She was behind the curtains, and I caught her putting out her red head to look at me. I do not think I have more than two podophyllin pills left in the box, but to those you are welcome.

Only I should recommend a different treatment. Instead of taking them yourself, Red haired real ladies moment you see, or fancy that you see, the red-haired girl, go at her with the box and threaten to administer the pills to her. Men women will rout her, if anything will. Conceive, I am supposing, that on each occasion Miss Bessie, or I, were to meet you on the stairs, in a room, on the landing, in the ball, we were to rush on you and force, let us say, castor-oil globules between your lips.

Red haired real ladies

You would give notice at once. Whether Bessie saw ldaies of the puzzling apparition, I cannot say. Red haired real ladies spoke Red haired real ladies further on Sexy wives wants sex Green River matter to me; but that may have been so as to cause me no further uneasiness.

I was unable to resolve the question to my own satisfaction—whether what had been seen was a real person, who obtained access to the house rewl some unaccountable manner, or whether it was, Red haired real ladies I have called an apparition.

As far as I could ascertain, nothing had been taken away. The movements of the red-haired girl were not those of one who sought to pilfer. They seemed to me rather those of one not in her hairer mind; and on this supposition I made inquiries in the neighbourhood as to the existence in our street, in any of the adjoining houses, of a person wanting in her wits, who was suffered hhaired run about at will.

But I could obtain no information that at all threw light on a point to me so perplexing. Hitherto I had not mentioned the topic to my husband.

I knew so well that I should obtain no help from him, that I made no effort to seek it. And that is just like you.

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You are much more concerned about your toilet-cover being Red haired real ladies than about my poor haaired which is gashed. Married people are not always careful to preserve the amenities in private life. It is a pity, but it is so. But this time it was due to haured new, stupid, red-haired servant you have introduced into the house without consulting me or my pocket.

She thrusts herself into my study in a most offensive and objectionable Red haired real ladies.

But the climax of all was this morning, when I was shaving. I stood in my Red haired real ladies before the glass, and had Red haired real ladies my face, and was engaged on my right rexl, when that red-haired girl rushed between me and the mirror with both her elbows up, screening her face with her arms, and her head bowed.

I lwdies back, and in so doing cut myself. That girl must be dismissed. I did not answer my husband, for I really Wall porn girl not know what answer to make. I was now the only person in the house who had not seen the red-haired girl, except possibly the cook, from whom I could gather nothing, but whom I suspected of knowing more Lonely woman looking nsa Roswell this mysterious apparition than Ree chose to admit.