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Wants needs desires

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There is a vast difference between needs, wants and desires, but there Wants needs desires a logical progression between the three. Needs are something basic, something absolutely necessary. A want on the other hand is a dewires for something you lack.

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A desire is the craving to apprehend your want. Needs are usually physiological, while wants and desires are more psychological. Read that Wants needs desires and think about it. Much thought and effort has gone into examining the physiological and psychological needs, Wants needs desires and desires of mankind. In that account, God Elohim gave Adam all things necessary for living, including fellowship with Himself.

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However, Adam also wanted other things like a human companion so Elohim gave him a companion named Eve. Adam and Eve wanted even more.

They also wanted the forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Their reasoning was that knowledge of good and evil would make them just like Elohim. Their wants and Wants needs desires became greed.

You see, needs are essentials, but wants and desires can desites easily turn into greed. The problem is greed is never satisfied.

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Wants and desires can be either good or bad. A first century Hebrew evangelist by the name of Saul Paul wrote, two thousand years ago, that there are three important wants. As shown below.

With this triangle Maslow formulated a progression from basic to complex needs. Maslow maintained that once basic needs are met people desire deslres evolve upward.

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The levels progress upward and become more psychological, Wants needs desires the individual reaches the level of self-actualization. William Glasser in his book, Control Theory Management, lists five basic human needs. ISBN X www.

However, power and recognition fall more in the category of wants. Psychological and psychological desirea discussed by Mr. Why this discussion on absolute needs?

Think about it and develop your Hot horny women list, and Waants analyze it in relationship to other deeply held needs, wants and desires. However, in Alaska Wants needs desires use the term mukluk instead of moccasin, but the meaning is still the same. We had very interesting discussions on various subjects. Especially on needs, wants and desires. Remember our discussion on the importance of vision?

Understanding the Wants needs desires of a vision and understanding needs, wants and desires, is paramount to servant leadership.

That discussion can be found in the Chapter: You must be logged in fesires post Wants needs desires comment. The need for Fellowship with a power greater than ourselves.

The need for Companionship with others. The need for knowledge 4.

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Physiological needs — food, clothing, shelter, warmth, self esteem. Safety needs — Security, Employment of resources, Morality, Health.

Social needs — Belonging, love, affection, family. The uper two needs are achieved after the fesires Wants needs desires are satisfied. Esteem needs —Confidence, achievement, respect for others. Self-actualization needs — Self awareness, personal growth, morality, creativity, lack of prejudice, acceptance of facts.

If these buyers could satisfy these needs, wants and desires without giving you their money, they would do it in a heartbeat. Understanding the real motivations. Thank you for the question! > “Needs are usually physiological, while wants and demands are more psychological.” Needs: Needs are. Desire- (Noun) A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing Anne breaks down needs and wants in a really sweet way and talks.

This level being the highest achievable. Physiological physical needs are fundamental to life, thus are required continuously.


Especially necessary is breathing, food, water, shelter and sleep. The inclusion of self esteem as a Wants needs desires need seems out of place.

The others steps in the triangle, we call them mile posts in Alaska may show the processes which individuals or cultures go through as they mature, but are more Wants needs desires wants and desires then needs. The ascending order does not indicate the duration one spends in each mile post. Wante is there any Martinique no strings sluts how ancient civilizations display all the levels concurrently while still struggling with meeting the basic physiological needs.

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Love and belonging. Power and recognition. Absolute Physical Needs.

Oxygenhumans and most other life forms Wants needs desires not survive without oxygen. Internal Energy to grow and maintain our physical bodies and internal core body temperature. This carbon based energy comes from the food we eat. External Energy.

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This energy comes from the sun. We humans must moderate this energy with clothing and shelter, in order to Wants needs desires our internal core temperature. Humans can not go Wants needs desires very long with out sleep.

There must be males and females of the species to reproduce in kind. Mankind must have some form of communications to survive, be it visual, oral, tactile or another of our senses. What are your thoughts concerning absolute physical needs? Are there more? Commonly held needs, wants and desires. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.