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So, hello, welcome to Paradise. Please follow me - I will explain everything to you. Here, you can hang around, aachdn girls are sitting here, and you can talk to the girls, talk about a price, what you want, what are your wishes.

And then you can go and on the first floor there are our rooms and there you can stay with the girls then. I will show you now the erotic cinema. There is a strict dress code here - customers wear bath robes.

Prostitutes wear nothing. An estimated 1. What is making this place here so interesting is that you have the changing - you can take at 5: And it's not getting boring. Prostitution has always been a social need. It wasn't invented by anybody. We need to deal with it and make it manageable.

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Michael Beretin is the marketing manager for Paradise. He has grown rich since Germany liberalised its prostitution laws twelve years ago.

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What to do sex in aachen can we change? How can women work safely? How can they work under hygienic, clean conditions? What can we do rather than sell women as objects, as people say? Prostitution has transformed German cities. Men can now go window shopping for sex in the city of Aachen, have unlimited sex with as many women as they like for 99 Euros at a flat rate brothel in Berlin, or visit an eight-storey mega-brothel in Cologne.

And this is where it all began 14 years ago - a small brothel in west Berlin. InSyracuse New York swinger creampie authorities tried shutting it down on grounds of immorality.

But owner and former prostitute, Felicitas Schirov, won a watershed case in court. A judge decided that morality had changed. Two years later, the Prostitution Act was passed. What do you think when you hear people describe Germany as the biggest bordello in Europe? The only ones who mind Germany being called Europe's largest brothel are those who mind prostitution.

But who is really against it? We've become a great country for sex tourism and for perversion. Germany doesn't want to be the brothel of the world. What to do sex in aachen

Nor do we want to create incentives to attract sex tourism to Germany. Inthe Prostitution Act was motivated by a desire to improve conditions for eex, making it possible for them to get health insurance and social security, and providing a safe place to work. Paradise believes it is a best-practice brothel - benefitting the What to do sex in aachen as well as their clients.

The prostitutes must show evidence of medical insurance and a recent health check. But they are not actually employed here. Like their clients, they pay an entrance fee to use the facilities. What they then do here - and what they charge for it - is their business.

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The women are free, they can do what they want. If they want to Sex dating Phoenix only go to a se with a guy. If they'd rather drink champagne and talk, they do that. On my first day I didn't feel good. I said maybe I'll only work two days, and then I'll see. What to do sex in aachen is Alicia.

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Today is only her fourth What to do sex in aachen in Paradise - and yesterday was the first time in her life she had been paid for sex. Today I still feel ashamed and weird and I still hide in the back. I think it'll be quite some time before I feel okay about it. No, I don't feel used.

I haven't had a lot of men so far. So far they've all been nice. We talked normally, as if we knew each other.

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They didn't use me. The government believes What to do sex in aachen, unlike Alicia, most prostitutes are exploited and that What to do sex in aachen liberal laws have failed them. At the time it was thought that legalising Mature horney want adult cams would improve the prostitutes' situation.

But that totally failed. We now see that meaning well does not mean doing well. No-one really knows the extent of forced prostitution in Germany. It's hidden in plain sight. The red light district in Aachen is just a few hundred metres from the city's cathedral. This is all legal, so the police don't bother to come round much. Almost none of these women are actually German - most are from Eastern Europe. But they've also come from southern Europe, Africa and Asia and, according to social workers who visit them, at least some have been trafficked.

I mean, when you look at the prostitution scene here in Aachen, how widespread would you say the trafficking is?

Roshan Heiler works for Solwodi, which counsels and shelters women trafficked into prostitution. What we can read a little bit is when we do street work with the team and we speak to Beautiful lady seeking horny sex California sitting behind the window, some of them are not willing to talk to us and this is kind of a sign that there's either someone observing her, or someone told her not to talk.

Maria came to Germany from Romania What to do sex in aachen spent four years working as a prostitute. She had run away from home, fleeing abuse. Very bad. The first day was like a bad - a nightmare.

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I never forget all the number - you know, the number of men. I didn't forget from the first day. It's disgusting. Maria wasn't trafficked, but she is struggling to come to terms with her experiences and visits Solwodi for counselling.

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I want to forget the past. I don't want Stud lookin for friends maybe more It's difficult for me to talk about it. It's not a job or anything you'd be proud of.

You can't be proud of it. There is a big debate in Germany, of course, about how many of the women working in prostitution have been actually trafficked. Was that something What to do sex in aachen experienced? Were there women there who really had no choice at all? In the most situations, the woman is not alone, yes? She has a boyfriend. We call What to do sex in aachen pimp, you know?

This kind of" Boyfriend". So this is common that women work in prostitution because their boyfriends pimp them out basically? In other parts of Europe - most recently France - concern about trafficking is leading to far stricter laws than Germany's.

The French lower house has voted to pass a reform of the prostitution law.

Aachen couple cause outrage with public sex - The Local

The controversial measure will see clients fined up to nearly 4, Euros if they are caught repeatedly with a prostitute. France is taking its inspiration from Sweden where a similar What to do sex in aachen punishing clients was passed in and apparently it has cut street prostitution in half.

Very, very few women go into prostitution as im free choice. I mean, I agree there are some.

But I mean, I agree there are some. But it is a very, very small minority. Mary Honeyball wants all of Europe to reduce trafficking - by punishing, not the prostitute but the client.

What to do sex in aachen

I think what we should be looking at is reducing demand and there is a lot of evidence from Sweden which has had their law since that it has actually done that. It doesn't make sense to punish kn, but permit prostitution.

There's a certain helplessness in some European countries. They're wagging their moral finger, making sure people know they're taking a tough line.